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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Gotta Stop Hanging Out At Gab/Appropriate Theme Music

The rage culture is giving me gas again.

I was hanging out at Gab when I saw a link into one of the rags about Cankles Clinton. Apparently the old bitch thinks Trump is going to not go quietly when she and her illiterate vibrants, nasty wahmen, and homosexual rage heads vote him out in the fall. And of course the comments filled up with The Usual Suspects threatening death and destruction on The Bad Orange Man and anyone else that sides with him.

I barely escaped before crapping myself in the comments!

I poured myself a manly Metamucil Hardball and put on some soothing theme music and soon I was myself again. But... it was close!

If I wake up one day to hear that old bitch and her idiot
rapist husband got hung from
the lamp posts - I want pics (videeyah is better)
and I am buying a round for the house!
Goes for the horses too!!!

It goes the other way too I suppose. The way those shitlibs are fixing elections - something is gonna have to be done about them sooner or later.  Best a luck to you, Yanks. You are definitely between a rock and a hard place...

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