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Saturday, 4 July 2020

Happy 4th Of July, Yanks!

Just some random Americana I had kicking 
around in my files...
I’m watching the war for the past being fought and lost 
on all fronts as our history and monuments 
are scrubbed by people too stupid
to appreciate them...
and wonder what a world without America will look like.
My fear is that we are going to find out...
good and hard.

I love ya all, and hope you have good weather and
time with your family and loved ones.
Hold ‘em close!


  1. The sheer BALLS of the lions... and lionesses... who got into the early flying machines!

    Wanna see what's becoming of America? Superman renounced his U.S. citizenship... 'Wonder how far a man in tights and a cape would have gotten in Iran... Wonder Woman ditched her red, white, and blue garb. The Green Lantern is now the Raaainbooowww... Lantern... Yeah; the "scrubbing" of America has been going on for quite a while now. It's just now jumped off the comic book pages and into real life... minus the superheroes...

    Somehow, it's now RACIST!!! and "DIVIDING!!!" for a sitting U.S. President to give a 4th of July speech at Mt. Rushmore, because... Trump... Methinks Obama would have ridden a donkey into the park whilst people threw palm branches down in front of him. His ass would have smelled like lips when all was said and done, and Mt. Rushmore would have been dynamited the next day, after a presidential delegation carried an apology letter to the drunk indians who live in the area.

    ...The only ones whose lives matter are planning on "revisiting" the McCloskeys in St. Louis today; the couple who brandished a pistol and a "scary black rifle" when scary black... and white... people busted down the gate to their community, and wouldn't leave the property when told to; "peaceful protesters, they're being called by "the media." The St. Louis PD and several private security companies have already told the McCloskeys that they're on their own... Y'know, it's usually some little thing that pushes people over the edge... Film at eleven...

    ...This country goes away, and there'll be nothing like it, ever again... These Little Kiddles don't know what they're pissing away...

    That last picture; so far I haven't heard anything as loud as Big Boy around here, but people are lighting off some stuff from Mexico that's loosening my dental work!

    1. Yannow Pete, the way I see it, is that it is just stupid people rationalizing their stupid hatreds. The fact that seriously evil people are just using them only makes it worse.

  2. Seriously evil and too smart to come out of the shadows