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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Hoax? Photoshop...?

See anything odd here...?

Hmpfpfpppffff! Injuns!

With a katana...? If the photo is legit I’d like to know how he acquired it and where?


  1. Well, some say they crossed over to North America from Asia via a land bridge...

    Wait a minute! That would make them IMMIGRANTS and NOT Native Americans."

    1. My scholarly thesis would reject that out of hand, Pete! The Japs have a work ethic and a modicum of intellect. Natives are just freeloading red noggers addicted to drugs and booze, more often than not. They are definitely separate species of monkeys...

  2. Check out this site.

    1. Hmppppfffff! There ya go then.

      The sword is not one of the traditional weapons of the natives as far as I know. I think their close quarters stuff was all clubs and hawks.

  3. Well there you go. The more you know.

  4. Glen, it is actually easy to detect a Photoshop job. Load the
    iamge into any graphic editing software program. Even Microsloth
    Paint. Magnify the image until you can count the pixes per inch.
    I use a pocket scale and a flat screen moniter. Count the pixels in the background against the image you suspect has been inserted.

    Any unaltered digital image will have the same pixel count no
    matter where it is sampled. If the suspect image is off by
    even 1/2 PPI, the image was Photoshopped.

    Leonard Jones I complimented your Blog on another site this