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Friday, 17 July 2020

Home Schooling

I sincerely hope it’s true. We should celebrate!

Perhaps this is one of the good things to come from the fake plague? Parents are seeing just how incredibly bad the public schools are? And how little public education actually does for the kids? Uncle Bob used to say that if he was king of North America, he’d bar the doors of the public schools with the teachers trapped inside, and burn them to the ground. Then he’d salt the earth upon which they stood. I agree with him. 

King Peter and I got in an argument about it. He thinks public schools are great: exposing kids to the marginal failures produced by our society is the best way to educate the kids about them. I disagree: I don’t think letting pedos and queers teach your kids Sex Ed in elementary is a good idea. Nor is it good to expose them to drugs and booze and juvies. Or the neoliberal indoctrination... To deal with that crap, kids need a firm foundation in morals and ethics... and Marxist union slob teachers are in no position to give that to them. They’d be better facing those things as adults than when they are children.

I love the prepper community. Those guys are western civilization’s best insurance policy. They’all be growing their own food and bartering and trading for what they need - while the rest of us are wondering why the lights went out and who will take care of us now? Part and parcel of the prepper creed should be home schooling, and proper bible study should be part of their curriculum. Even if you’re not religious, western civilization is based on that thing and it contains everything you need to know about building communities that will last for eons. The voices alone justify the study. 

I am betting those areas will also see a huge leap in scholastic performance and that in a few years, they’ll be producing the highest SAT scores in the country too.


  1. Your last paragraph is the reason the Progressives will do everything they can to stop home schooling.

    Grace and peace

  2. A hybrid solution is arising here from the profound confusion and lack of direction and decision making of public schools. Good teachers are quitting and starting their own home schooling. For a fee, they take on 8-10 students and teach independent, both online and face to face, complete with outdoor activity/education (i.e. teaching basic kayaking). Reports from parents and students thus far are glowing. Interesting trend. Back to my quiet woods..............

  3. Same to you, Pumice! I think even the religious public schools have to go - they give lip service to the bible and that's it.

    The big thing is accountability, Timberdoodle. Once those public school teachers get seniority they go on easy street and the kids can go straight to hell. It's so bad, that any teachers that actually want to work, make a difference and help the kids - often quit and drop out.

    Hope the bugs aren't too bad in the woods...

  4. Exposed to juvies? Hell, I was a bad influence on myself! Still am, come to think of it...
    Keep doing what you do, Glen Filthie!
    --Tennessee Budd

  5. homeschooled ours
    would just as soon throw them into sewerage as the schools... no difference!
    really enjoyed it and no peer pressure nor any immorality from the curicula