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Thursday, 2 July 2020

People Watching: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

In the Before Times, my daughter and I used to spend a few minutes at the end of the day playing video games. She’d yak and tell me of her day, I’d make lame dad jokes as the characters on the screen fought and blazed their way across the TV screen. For me it was one of the joys of fatherhood and I thought she enjoyed it too. I learned later that she was just making the best of a difficult childhood with a father she hated. Daddy issues are a badge of honour among lesbians, and evil fathers are key role players in their personal narratives and stories. But for a brief point in time... from my perspective, maybe... we were just a father and daughter coming together to share our company over an enjoyable new entertainment medium - the video game.

I couldn’t play them at all. We played as partners as I got killed and reset frequently; but Daughter played the games with elegance and skill. All her friends did the same way too. I fell in love with the medium even though I couldn’t play; and eventually the role playing games got so advanced, I no longer understood them anymore at all. As I lost touch with my daughter’s generation the characters in these games became more foreign too. The medium got so boggling I gave up on trying to understand it or the kids that played in it.

Unemployment is a harsh mistress; I now have too much time to fill, so occasionally I’d watch the odd walk-through or segment on them. There’s a kid on OyTube and that is all he does: play and critique video games! He’s got millions of subscribers and is apparently an industry authority if I understand him correctly. Jeez - I am so out of tune with the times and pop culture... and get more so every day!

The videeyah game that caught my eye is called “The Last Of Us”. Apparently the game is so controversial it has the kids and adults in the hobby at each other’s throats. I decided to see if I could tune into the times and figure it out.

It’s a zombie apocalypse story starring nothing but shitlibs. (Apparently if the SHTF they will of course be the only ones to survive it. You prepper types may as well die now and leave your hoards of supplies to your betters that will inherit the earth, HAR HAR HAR!). The main characters are two greasy lesbians who have their own story running concurrently with that of a burly young lady with no boobs and a major attitude problem. They murder, loot and fornicate their way through the Dystopian story. They are experts with all sorts of weapons. They slay men and monsters through the game with gay abandon. In the end the women try to murder each other and at the last minute decide not to after beating each other half to death.

It’s dumb and fascinating as hell at the same time. This game takes 30 hours to play out. God only knows how many man-hours went into creating this virtual hell world. And the millions of fans had been waiting on pins and needles to play in it for years. Hell...I watched that thing all the way through myself! Despite the characters that I found to be implausible and unlikeable... for some reason I wanted to know how that idiot thing turned out! HAR HAR HAR! Apparently the fans are pished to the point of rage by the fact that the Powerful And Capably Independent Whamen killed a couple of the story’s beloved characters.

It’s a trip to the psychiatrist’s couch, really. What do the kids see in these games? I honestly think they would love a world where everyone (except themselves of course), is dead. A world where murdering the other survivors and monsters is sporting entertainment? I think many of the kids secretly hunger for it. And what of myself? I watched that stupid thing start to finish!!! Maybe I thought I could get a glimmer of understanding about queers, the kids, and the shitlibs in my family? It became apparent early in the thing that I would not; yet I watched it anyway. I wonder that in order to understand others... ya need to understand yourself first?

If that is indeed the case, I am most assuredly hooped. 🤨

The story line sucks, the characters are mostly unpleasant.
As a study on the state of
our collective mental health though...?
Maybe it says something...


  1. Glen, hang with me here and I will try to give it a shot.

    We are a people of stories. We always have been. Modern life has cut short most of the ways we used to make stories. There really is no more undiscovered countries left. We have devalued the process of manual labor and tasks which require years to master and reward with the sense of a job well done. And we have become almost a completely visual culture in our entertainment, our sports, and our lives - most folks would rather watch something on a screen rather than actually do it.

    Add to that the relatively unfettered sense that anything constitutes entertainment and the more we push those boundaries, the more people want them to be pushed. Within my lifetime I have gone from King's Quest, which was based on Fairy Tales, to what you describe. I only expect that far worse awaits us.

    The difficulty - for all that engage in these - is that they do not see what it does to them as a person (watch anything horrifying long enough and it will put something on your soul) and the fact that someday, a real tragedy will happen. And then, they will be shocked at how awful it really is.

    1. I was hoping you'd chime in on it, TB. I think you are 100% right about all that and more.

      And yet if feels like there is even more to it. I feel like a three dimensional man trying to understand their four dimensional world. Or maybe theirs is a two dimensional world? There is a perception barrier going on here and it goes both ways. I work here in one world... they seem to be on another one, or even several of them. I step back and I find myself wondering what planet we're on...

      I hope all is well at Old Home. The pics are wonderful. :)

    2. Glen, the world is now largely built on visual arts and technology. There is a gap - because you and I (and those like us) are only viewers to that world, not brought up in it. The difference between analog and digital, perhaps.

      Glad you enjoy the pictures. It is good to be home.