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Thursday, 9 July 2020


Now, into the preheated pan:
4 eggs
1 lb. bacon
4 lbs. hash browns
Don’t whine to me about cholesterol!!!
Eat it and die like a man!!!

Earlier in the week I came across a vlogger on OyTube that goes around doing all-you-can-eaters. She’s a purdy little thing in her early 20’s in great physical shape. She demolished a 5 lb. roast with a big baked potato - no problem! She went to Rotten Ronnies and ate 4 Big Macs and a pail of fries. As a change in pace, she did a super hot spice challenge and dumped one million kiloscovil chili dressed nuts...stuff that would kill a beaner or a pakie or even a Texan... and her nose just ran a little bit.

I was so impressed I showed all this to the wife and she just shrugged. She said that back when when she was running marathons, she could probably do it too. I suppose when your metabolism ramps up to burn calories like that, your body has an easier time of taking them in and replacing them?

I remember when they did a morning half marathon - they had a big breakfast afterward. My wife ate a pile of waffles, a pile of pancakes, and a bushel fresh fruit, and washed it down with a glass of juice and a couple of coffees. They all did! And afterwards they were all up n’ at em, helping the organizers clean up after the event! Looking back I think all the gals were eating as much as the guys and often more. I’d have been in a food coma.

Maybe I should start an OyTube channel. Only I’ll eat health food and fart my way around the wife and dawgs at home, and angry customers in expensive restaurants...


  1. Or you could take up marathon running!,

    1. I'll get right on that one Deb, HAR HAR HAR!!!