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Monday, 13 July 2020

Poignant Prepper Problems

Good for Mom!

She, in turn, is applauding another powerful and independent woman, and I say that with the utmost and sincere respect. Hell’s bells, if you are not a prepper, you are not a man... you’re not an adult. Chit happens. Before faggotry and neoliberal pedos destroyed the Boy Scouts, being prepared was a foundation for their creed. Good women will take to prepping like ducks to water too. Just clear a space for her larder, hand them a few extra bucks before they go shopping, and you’re away to the races. My wife never stops; she gets a bit here and there and hits all the sales. Gradually she filled her larder and then confiscated about a 1/3 of my man-cave as she expanded our state of readiness. The problem with prepping is - how much is enough?

The other thing is this: suppose the chit DOES hit the fan. In approx. 30 days, the non-prepper will start to starve. What happens when that single mom with a kid or two knocks on your door? Or that elderly couple down the street with no family? What if things get really bad, as they are in Venezuela? If your old lady tries to bake a loaf of bread in Venezuela, the whole country will smell it and be knocking at the doors. The more desperate will start to steal and assault the unwary. Food riots  will start.

In North America we are in a pickle. Just as the neoliberals, cultural marxists, and degenerates destroyed the Boy Scouts, they also got the schools, the churches, and the other institutions that made our families and communities work and hold together. In another era we might have faced tough times with our communities. I don’t think a lot of us have that anymore. If you have no preps, no family, no community in tough times? Oh boy, you’ll be in for a world of hurt!

What would you do in truly tough times, if someone knocked on your door?


  1. I would give them your address.

    Grace and peace

    1. Well that's the other thing too: if you break down and help them... they'll be back. Probably with others...

  2. Ask politely how much they weigh, were (ahem) are they vegetarian or vegan, and if they've been on any bio-accumulating medications.

  3. It depends on whether or not I'm in a position to help them. If I am, I'll give them something. If not, I'll wish them well.

  4. I read both articles. An interesting take. I do note the fact that we have abandoned (over the years) of everyone taking care of themselves and replaced it with someone (never defined who) will take care of us...

  5. The best of the second link is its comment thread. I've bookmarked a link to the site to explore further.
    I've thought long and hard on the issue, and still have no great answers. The best we've come up with is "We gave our charity buckets to pastor ABC at the XYZ church. You need to go ask him where and when to get help." We do believe in sharing, but it won't be from our front door to a stranger. In such dire times I will only answer that door armed to the teeth, if I answer the door at all.