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Thursday, 16 July 2020

Washington Shitskins...?

Dammit. We better get ahead of this up here in Canada because we got all kinds a teams with names that are just chock full of hateyness: My own home team is the Aaaaaaadmintin Eskimos. In BC there's the Vancouver Canucks. Seeing as how I so capably solved the dilemma of the Washington football franchises - I had better do the same for Canadian teams.

The Tranna Maple Loafs?
The Mon Trail Fart Suckers?
The Hongcouver Pillow Biters?
The Calgary Flamers?

I do have a talent for this. Gotta admit - they all catch the character and the spirit of the cities they play for, HAR HAR HAR!!!

This BS has gotta be having an effect on the fans. I just can't see them going along with this kind of idiocy. Most of the guys I know are tuning out and cutting the cable, when you couple this with the filthy joggers 'taking a knee' and accusing everyone of racism. I'd heard ESPN is leading the charge on this hogwash and their ratings dived almost immediately.

I can't boycott professional sport any more than I am already... but I will not feel sorry at all if these morons are playing in front of empty stands when things open back up...


  1. Hell call them the Washington Foreskins. They can wear turtle neck sweaters and blueish purple helmets.Can't wait for the mascot to pop out.

    1. That was the other one going around, B. This has gone from the ridiculous to the sublime...

  2. I think "Eunuchs" would be a good name for those nutless bastards, but nobody who's graduated high school in the last 30 years knows what a eunuch is.
    --Tennessee Budd