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Monday, 31 August 2020

The Wind Rises


The stories of the Yank involvement in aviation are well known, as are those of the Euros.

The other day I saw a delightful cartoon on Netflix about the life of one of the driving minds behind the development of the Japanese Zero fighter plane built by Mitsubishi. Personally, I am fascinated by the Japanese of that period. As a country, they’d decided to go straight from the 18th century - directly into the 20th with no pit stops. They did that in a time when the world largely regarded them as comical little yellow monkeys with buck teeth and big glasses. The story isn’t about the plane, but rather the people and the times. Usually these things are done by live actors, but this one was done in spectacular “Japanimation”.

I dunno how accurate it is historically... but I will gratefully add it to my scant archives. If you have an interest in such things... you are in for a treat.


All Yours, WL! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘


Hunting With Quartermain This Year...


Well folks, I am just finished with WL Emery and his African safaris. I always end up fighting for my life against alligators, giant boa constrictors, spear chucking Oohga-Boogah head hunters, lost colonies of 4th Reich Nazis - you name it. Then, when the newspapers hear about it, he gets interviewed so they can print articles about his heroism... while poor ol’ Filthie goes to the hospital.

Now, Quartermain... he knows how to run an operation! Heated tree stands with mini bars, pretty waitresses... aaaaaaaahhhhhh. Why, I might just pop a beer up there, put the rifle aside, and catch me a quick nap! 

Life is good, folks. Bow season opens up next week, folks. Hope you’re all ready to rip, and best of luck to you in the 2020 season.

I Yam Shocked! SHOCKED, I Say!!!

 So I see that the CDC quietly down graded the death toll from Chinkypox. Think it was something like 183,000 down to less than 3000. I think we can probably take that number as solid, it falls in line with our other stats that we can be relatively sure of. Every year around 65,000 Americans die of flu related illness. So this year, that number got bumped up by 3000. In a country of 330 000 000.

What am I going to do with all this toilet paper...?


Sunday, 30 August 2020

An Optimist, A Pessimist, And A Pragmatist Walk Into This Bar...





The other day I made an ass of myself when I went into Aaaaadmontin to pick up some nuts and bolts and hardware. I went to the best shop for that, appropriately called Edmonton Nut And Bolt. I just needed some eye bolts, nuts and steel rod, hose clamps, etc.

So I go in the shop... and EVERYONE was wearing a mask. I was surprised that there would be that many idiots falling for the Chinkypox mask scam. I promptly got into a Grumpy Old Man fight too. I was rooting around in a bin when this miserable old shit cusses me out... I guess he couldn’t walk past me because I was “too effin stupid to put on a mask and was spreading my germs everywhere.” With Exaggerated courtesy, I stepped six paces aside for him so he could pass. “When you get home and can take that thing, off, you can eat a dick buddy,” I said as he passed. He stormed out of the store and stifled chuckles could be heard. I got in line at the checkout, fuming. And the line didn’t budge. I guess they only had half staff on to facilitate distancing, and the line grew. And grew.

My line started curving round one of the aisles. Another started forming in the parking lot outside and wanted to merge with mine further up. Some seniors and farmers had tied up the two clerks and, when they finally got them taken care of, two more took their place. They were the kind of morons who made it a social occasion to chat with the cashiers. Some customers further up started squabbling about their place in the  line... and I just put my stuff down and left. What a shit show. 

I tried another store on the way home, back in my town... and was shocked that they had everything I needed. About 1/3 of us were not wearing masks and nobody gave me a second glance. Even though I had to hunt for everything, I found my stuff, paid for it, and was gone inside 10 minutes.

The wife later told me that in Edmonton, they’d gone full retard on masks and they were mandatory. In my town just outside the city, they were optional.

Usually, even with the drive, I would preferred to deal with the shop in Edmonton. Everything’s easier to find, they have greater selection, and with a full compliment of cashiers, they will get you out and on your way in minutes. But at half staff? GAH. The place turned into a giant time suck. Add in the road raged morons shopping there... and I will never go back until this Chinkypox scare/scam is over. You can’t run a business like that.

I can’t remember where I saw it, but some tard somewhere was saying that the Chinkypox was fulfilling an ‘economic Darwinian culling’ of flawed businesses. He thought it might actually be a good thing that companies were going out of business because of this idiocy. Far as I’m concerned... that guy can go eat a dink too.

We will be paying for this idiocy for years.

Stuff Like This Drives Me Nuts


I have fallen for
mistakes like this all my

Saturday, 29 August 2020

I Got This One From Wirecutter That Made Me Think...


Being a little brother, I got beat on like all little brothers. I gave what I got too. When Mom broke it up she'd always say, "I don't care who started it...!!!" Like most shitlibs, she approaches all conflicts like that. Both sides are always equally guilty or equally innocent - unless someone starts something with her personally, that is - then it's a different story! We were also always told to ignore provocations. Always.

I am seeing a sentiment in that, that just spins me right up: that the young shooter in the meme should be prosecuted. He brought a gun into a potential trouble zone, he got in the middle of something he shouldn't have, and he precipitated the shoot out. He should have avoided large crowds. He should have stayed away. It's like that Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman shooting - "if the 300 lb. white supremist Zimmerman had not challenged the chaste and virtuous Trayon Martin with an icky AR15, none of it would have happened so it was all Zimmerman's fault!!!" We here on this side of the political and philosophical side of the Cultural Divide are fond of saying, "play stupid games with stupid people, win stupid prizes..."

I have my own sentiment on that. Fuck you. Period. Errrr... maybe not you, Mom. On second thought, yeah, fuck you too Mom, because you're flat out wrong and too stupid and arrogant to actually think about it or reconsider your position.

If some meat hole wants to yap about being in a stupid place, doing stupid things with stupid people - then let's start with the Antifags and NLM guys. Let's talk about the fact that they had guns too and one tried to use his. Let's talk about the fact that every single one of the victims were actually thugs. Let's talk about the fact that the police were nowhere to be seen at the time of the event. 

Speaking of the police: Last week a cop emptied his gun into a black baboon, Jacob Blake at arm's lenth. Ol' Jake is recovering in the hospital as we speak. This 17 year old kid fired three shots, under extreme duress, in the middle of a mob - and killed two and disabled the third. No innocents shot, everyone that caught a bullet actually deserved it. Kyle was lucky... but he showed excellent riflecraft throughout.  The peaceful protest around him came to a screeching halt. Yeah. Let's talk about leaving these things to the police. They have been ordered to stand down anyways - and they will not be there to help. 

It is the official and binding opinion of Thunderbox Inc. that this kid is a hero. Scratch that, he is a man, not a kid. And a fine rifleman to boot. If anything happens to that man in court, I would suggest that you Yanks stop worrying about draining the swamp and instead proceed with nuking it. There is a time and a place to get off the couch, and show up. Kyle did that.

Errrrrmmmm... sorry for the rant. Have a great Saturday and thanks for dropping in.



When The Left Attempts To Meme

That’s a silly, snarky way to say it... but...
‘Science’, in other words?
Humour is not one of the things leftists do well.

 Despite being intensely irrational creatures, humans like to see their world as a series of patterns that often interlock. Often you can use this pattern to infer the existence of another, develop a methodology to test it and tentatively confirm it if the pattern or hypothesis fails. This in turn fosters critical thinking, something else leftists are notoriously bad at.

Yet, to hear them tell it, they are authorities on science. And they fall for scam after scam after scam. Environmentalism, social justice, Chinkypox... and they won’t let go of this crap even when any actual science is 100 miles back, and they are running on superstition and mass hysteria. It’s lead to the present day where I am supposed to ignore my church, and get my morals and ethics from wine soaked menstrual and menopausal cat ladies, queers, pedos, and retarded black athletes.

Who’s the one shopping for conclusions, again? ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘

Not Always

Sometimes silence is cowardice.



Friday, 28 August 2020

Trump Derangement Syndrome At It's Finest!


Melania Trump ‘refused to move to White House until the Obamas’ toilet had been ripped out & a new one installed’


I am sincerely sorry for my laughter, Mrs. President! I mean 
no disrespect!
I am laughing at the people trying to make hay 
on this. I don't blame you one bit!
The Thunderbox is not much of an improvement, but  it is 
at your service should the need arise.

Oi!!! That’s Not A Knife...


With all due apologies to Crocodile Dundee - that is a bar of 1084 carbon steel. With any luck and lots of elbow grease, it will become a knife... eventually. It will not be a Hollywood pig-sticker either, just a bowie style camp knife. It will be a simple stock removal effort, with no power tools used. Files, sand paper, hacksaws... and that's about it.

I am going to make three. This will be one, the next will be hunting knife, and the final one will be a fighter or pig-sticker... by then I hope to have the skills to make something of an artistic effort of it.

Wish me luck, folks.

Oh - and have a good Friday! Thanks for dropping in!

Friday Night, Done Right


“...and the monkey says to the parrot, ‘I never learned to tell time either!!!!’...”



Friday Morn Story Time


We were two days out of town when the sheriff finally called a halt. He didn’t have much choice, our horses were blown, and if we pushed them much harder, they were gonna drop. Half of us were too. The horses drank half the creek dry by the time we had our rolls out and a fire going. By the time we went down to fill our canteens, they waterlogged.

I drank my fill and just plunked down on my roll, too tired to even dig into the mess of pinto beans that Pin Head got going. It was just as well. A camp pirate flew down, perched on the side of the pot... and started chowing down.

“Ya reckon magpies fart much, Pin Head?” I asked idly. The little bugger was really packing them away and I was too bushed to shoo him away.

“Never give it much thought Dalton,” he replied, as he fussed over his gear. Out in the darkness, one a the boys farted loudly. “Fuggin magpies,” someone chortled. I was too tired to laugh. Over by the fire, the magpie turned, having eaten his fill, and regarded me calmly in firelight. Then he shat in the beans and flew off into the darkness. Great, I thought. I silently thanked the Magpie Gods for gracing us with their messenger.

“Coffee any good, Pin Head?” the Sheriff asked. Pin Head grunted noncommittally as he wiped down his Winchester for the day, and the Sherriff filled his cup. “We gotta keep our heads up on this one, fellas.” By then the boys started to drift back into the circle of firelight. “We’re gonna keep watch through the night. Fergy, Dalton and me will take the first watch; Pin Head, Tom and Albert will spell us. Sound good? I just don’t want The Kid and his gang rounding back on us in the darkness. They are cagey bastards, and we need to be on our toes. Any questions?”

“Yeah. Jesus Christ, Pin Head - whaddya put in these beans? They taste like shit!” I stifled a retch and wondered if I shoulda said something. Fergy kept right on eatin while Pin Head told him he could cook his own damn beans next time.

“I’ll take up watch by the horses, if ya don’t mind Sherriff,” I said. This posse was off to a damned bad start.

Thursday, 27 August 2020

Signs of The Times


Where This Is Going

 Yesterday I was mouthing off about The Great Neoliberal Morality Play that now has too many episodes to count, and many, many sequels on the way.

That was shaping up into a rant - and as I get older, I get better at stifling it. (With all due apologies to TB, BP and the rest of you with otherwise respectable blogs that I frequent). No, I am not going to rant or foam at the mouth or crap in my pants.

I will let Styx do it! He's younger and has the stamina.
Although he is largely bang on the money with his assessment,
I turned him off about half way through.
He starts to rant, foam, and his pants get squishy...

This one is worth watching in full. 
This video/sound byte is extremely useful; it 
clearly shows the spark and tinder -
and the arsonists playing with them.
In my opinion it starkly contrasts the differences between noggers and good
black people too.

I tried to explain elsewhere that social justice is not about justice at all. It's entirely about vengeance. That, and grift. It's also a power grab. It's about hate. That is why it's adherents are willing do die and kill for it. These troubled, marginal (but ever so diverse and vibrant!!!!) people make excellent cannon fodder in a riot or civil war - if they can be controlled or directed. As we have seen, that is debatable. The vibrant and diverse mobs have turned on CNN and rich liberal Jews several times. They've even torn down their own monuments to diversity and vibrancy. Unfortunately for the left, these guys probably won't determine the course of a nation. Most of those victim and grievance groups didn't even exist 10 years ago.

At first I thought a civil war was inevitable. But now...? There are rays of hope. Black parents watching their troubled kids killed by police often know the score. People themselves are seeing what a civil war will cost. The hundred or so deaths so far is chump change compared to what is in the offing in a civil war.

The shitlib cities are losing their wealthiest and most productive citizens. Grieving parents will not let their kids be used as political footballs. The mass media is being exposed for the hate and rage machine it is. That ridiculous black mayor of Chicago is virtually under house arrest - she can't go anywhere without an armed escort or her own citizens will kill her. Americans will shortly be marching into these places and restoring order. Sometimes the good guys win.

There is still much blood to be spilled before sanity returns. During that time we will be manipulated, lied to, and goaded by people and groups we used to consider our friends. Regardless of your politics... Don't be steered, don't be manipulated, eyes in the back of your head, folks. For what it's worth, I have high hopes and expectations for you Yanks. You've seen these guys before, you've closed with them eyeball to eyeball with rifles, pistols and bayonets... and you fuggin WALKED on them. I have every confidence now that you will do it again.

Have a great Thursday, and stay loose.

Filthie’s 8 Track Machine


It’s another sleepless night here at Castillo Di La Filthie. While the wife’s away, I sleep with Mort on the bed at night because he gets pissy and fussy when mom is away. The wife is at summer bible camp helping out the young moms and the girls make memories and friendships that may last a lifetime. 

But I am here at home - alone with the dogs. It’s Dark thirty, and one of us just cut a fart so incredibly rank... it woke me up! Ugh!!! It’s sticking to the roof of my mouth!!! I’d strangle Mort, the manky bugger... but it’s not his fault. I think my cooking lit us up... and it may well be me that shat the bed and not him... oh gawd... this has to be the worst blog on the internet!๐Ÿคฎ

Back in the day when people still listened to the radio and watched TV for entertainment... before the days of Streaming and music videos and nose tackle... the radio played soft music at nights for couples that had put in a long day and were finally settling down to unwind for the night. DJ’s were often celebs that made their reputations on providing the right music for the right settings. Come with me now - back to the late 70’s to the time of night before sleep, before the bed farts... when a fella might still be able to steal a quick, informal dance with his tired but loving gal before hitting the hay...

I hope you are having a restful and odour-free night with your gal.
If not, this is a great ol toon to doze to.
As for me... I’m gonna open a window.
Sweet dreams.

One Good One, Five Flyers....

 I am ever so slowly starting to shoot like me again. When I wore a younger man’s clothes, damn... I could shoot. I’d put 200 arrows down range in a day with a 75 pound draw and think nothing of it. This is at 75 yards and is no screaming hell... but I’m starting to group now, and most important... my bow is finally talking to me. Like guns, if you blow a shot, most times there is a reason why. You can tell what you did wrong by where the arrow lands. In this case I am really proud of that one way off to the side. I was getting bitten by a bug and totally pulled it by punching the release... but still managed to keep it on the butt! Of course, when I was younger, I could punch a bullseye whether I was getting stung by a yellow jacket or being heckled by the other sportsmen. Oh how the mighty have fallen...!๐Ÿ˜ญ

But... at least I can trust my ability at hunting ranges without reservations. The trick now is to think in tactics. Practice with me, if you are so inclined? Regard the pic below - what is the best play for this one?

Thinking tactically, as a hunter must - the high percentage shot is from the side. One careful caress of the release - and BOOM! Instant Squab Kebab!!! All birds conveniently spitted right on the arrow shaft and ready for the coals! Follow me for more hunting tips and tricks in the field!

Next week I will show you how to quickly clean four game birds at once using only your 4x4 truck and the ‘packet of ketchup’ technique.

Stay tooned.

Wednesday, 26 August 2020


Ya Know - That Would Make An Excellent Renaissance Era Painting...

American goddesses assembling a mighty
warrior to walk and slay among men...


Pearl Clutching...

 I got into an interesting altercation with B over at The Middle Of The Right. He typifies what drives me nuts about cuckservatives. They think virtue signalling is an argument. It’s not, it’s not even a moral position. 

Technically he’s right. With the latest Jacob Blake shooting, under ordinary circumstances, ya gotta go through the paces, cross the t’s, dot the i’s and do your due diligence. 

But in the real world, everyone knows the score: it will be a photocopy of the George Floyd case. The cops take down a black thug by the book, the boon resists and gets shot, the nogs circle the wagons around the Dindu, and their lickspittles in the liberal media spin it as a racist hate crime. In cahoots with the politicos, evidence that might exonerate the cops is deliberately suppressed by the politicians, the media and the black community and the fake hate crime is used as an excuse to riot and loot. Did I miss anything? We see this moronic liberal morality play annually now. It only stops when winter comes and it’s too cold for the noggers to chimp out. The usual suspects will swoon and clutch their pearls in more displays of virtue signalling to hear it said that way ... but that is what’s going on here. Turn this issue over to the Deep State... and we all know what they’re going to do.

But the cuckservatives are playing the game as well. “Law and order!!!” they huff and puff! “Due process MUST be observed!!!” And out on the street, citizens are swapping gunfire now with armed looters. Try to explain to the cucks that this is happening because their vaunted institutions have failed, are no longer doing their jobs, and actively endangering and encouraging violence on the street level... they get sad and pissy because they look like idiots. There comes a point where you can’t play by the rules because the other guy isn’t either. If he means to kill or rape you and take your stuff and/or burn it...ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Only an idiot would counsel you to show restraint and trust the system at this point. You can’t fix what’s on the street until you fix what’s wrong with city hall.

To be fair to B, he caught me on the body cam issue. In the George Floyd case, footage from police body cams later came out to exonerate the cops. If the people involved were interested in The public safety... why was the footage carefully edited to show the cops in a bad light? Why was the rest of it suppressed? Why is there no body cam footage in the Jacob Blake case? Welp... it turns out the cops were begging for body cams for exactly this type of situation, but the Kenosha city council turned them down. Too expensive, dontchya know. How convenient. You need to ask these questions, and go after the people responsible. They need to receive justice, and people need to see it done.

By now it should be obvious that your Donks want this bloodshed. They want it so bad, they’ve corrupted and undermined the institutions that are there to prevent this sort of thing. But the cucks huff and puff and insist on having Lefty put on the morality play, same script played by the same sleezy characters.

Laugh at me as you will; if the system worked that ridiculous Lori Lightfoot would be in a cage with the other lefty mayors and their chiefs of police.

Tomorrow I will tell you where this is headed, if you’re interested in my scholarly opinion. (Spoiler alert: The cucks won’t like it either).

Only Sixteen: A Ramble


In our case, when she was only sixteen, my wife was a young lady playing for keeps and I was too young to know. My future inlaws hated my guts because I was never going to be a doctor or a lawyer or a titled professional. On our third date, my future father in law offered me a beer, then pulled me aside and quietly told me to hit the bricks because his daughter “...was meant for a better man than me.” Little did I know that I would spend 30 years trying to convince him otherwise to no avail. 

An unplanned pregnancy resulted in an unplanned marriage that everyone expected to result in ruined lives and an early divorce. But we never came close, and we had many happy years. 

We had rough patches later, brought on by our family. Our daughter had her own demons she could not control, especially with my idiot inlaws feeding them and encouraging them. I fully expected to be single when our extended family came apart as so many do these days. Shitlibs love their dramas and hate their fathers. But somehow our marriage not only held and came through that break up ... it was stronger than ever. Ya know, it’s the damnedest thing? I look in the mirror and see a fat old monkey that needs a bath and a shave every morning... but I look at her and she’s still and always 16.

This week the wife is at bible camp where she helps the gals try and instill a moral and ethical compass in their kids, and have a little bit of fun too. I dunno if it’s the girls or the women that have more fun. But it leaves me and the dawgs at home alone and unsupervised, so we are gonna have some fun too. I have some fire crackers I found in my plunder... and I am going to light a few of ‘em off tonight! HAR HAR HAR! Maybe my wife had the emotional development of a well rounded young woman at the age of sixteen... but I never made it past nine!!!๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘

While she’s away, I am sleeping with Mort. He drools and pants and his feet start kicking when he dreams about rabbits and squirrels in the night. Besides the restless nights with his antics and wet of us stinks. I’m pretty sure it’s him... but ya never know. I may be a little ripe too, if ya catch my drift!๐Ÿ˜‰

At the risk of dating ourselves.. there was still a bit of Dr. Hook around when we started our lives together, and I have always been a fan. Heh - I am older than music videos... and I never really saw these guys until today... but their music was everywhere when we were kids.

Last night I dreamt of sexy eyes, and woke up with Mort’s
rectum inches from my face.
Nights are gonna be a little rough around here for the next little bit...


Oh boo-hoo.
The other day I forgot to put on pants altogether...
and I got 30 days, HAR HAR HAR!

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

I Don’t Understand This


I have to say it: I admire these two. When the mob came down their street, they were out there to meet them. As a Canadian looking on, I saw a mob of animals that have assaulted cops for just doing their jobs. Those mobs gang up on strong people and tear them apart like hyenas. They’ve assaulted and threatened seniors. I heard an offensive but accurate description of their ‘tactics’... the wanks on Gab call it “nigger swarming”. And still... these two came out and stood fast.

They did not handle their gats well. I get that. They got raked over the coals by many of the gunnies. They got arrested and charged with crimes. They’ve been laughed at and ridiculed. I don’t get that. They showed more guts than half the gunnies and snark slingers that laugh at them. Despite all that everything ended well. The mob moved on, and largely behaved themselves when they otherwise might not have.

I don’t understand why you would mock people like this. I also think: look at the way the “protesters” are behaving now. What would happen if the SHTF, the lights went out and the phones and computers stopped working? 

It’s going to be either The Planet Of The Apes, or The Thunderdome.

Caution: Rude Jokes


Errrrrrrmmm... Not Quite.


I have my own ideas about manly fashions, thank you very much...