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Wednesday, 30 September 2020


Are those two airplanes doing what it looks like they’re doing?!?!
Stop that!!! Stop it, I say!!!!
Last thing I want is a bunch a little Fokkers buzzing around!!!

Gawd!!! Euros are such filthy minded people!

Pervert Barbie

I wonder if “perv”is an approved
sexual orientation now?
If so, Quartermain has it made!




Throne Of Valhalla


October Country: A Woods Walk

I love this time of year. We are mostly gold out here now, with a smattering 
of red and some stubborn green. 
There's no bugs, no mud, and our Maker is putting on a show.
The winds and cold will come soon, and blow the leaves and what's
left of summer away. For now ... I am still here,
and by the grace of God all is well.

I am behind the camera, HAR HAR HARing as King Peter is
HUMILIATED and trying to retrieve a stuck arrow
from a blown shot.
Do not shoot with us if you have self esteem problems.
My unsportsmanlike conduct was promptly
repaid a few shots down the trail when my arrow blew right through
the target, hit a tree behind it and snapped.
The arrow gods are vengeful and merciless, and Murphy and Darwin
are their apostles. They will not
be mocked.


One A The Hard Things About Learning To Cook...

 ... is learning where the old lady keeps everything!!! Goddammit, she has a file box for spices!!!πŸ˜– Then there's bags of stuff from costco and the super-marts, the stuff that has been re-bagged and not marked, and then the stuff that isn't where you'd expect it... and then there's the stores downstairs! Trying to work with that makes me want to chimp out in rage and throw shit!!!!

But yannow... how's that any different from you garage or man cave? Cripes, I could toss a hand grenade into the Reclusium right now and it might neaten things up a bit. It's a dog's breakfast down there right now, and yet I know roughly where every single tool is.

I guess there is no rule about starting a slow cook at night, right? It'll just be ready in the morn and I can throw it in the fridge and clean up then...

If you are a culinary genius like me, and would like to try a brisket... this is what I am leading off with here:

Slow Cooker Beef Brisket

I Need A Break

 The world out there is fuggin nuts. 

It's in our leaders, our schools, our media, and even some of our own families. I only keep superficial tabs on the mass media and their events. I no longer trust them, preferring to go to the other bloggers for intelligent commentary. There's more than a few of 'em on my blogroll. Help yerself, and yer welcome.

With all the bullshit going on out there, one can lose perspective and conclude that the world, and it's inhabitants - are all made of BS too. It's not a good place to be.

The version I heard of this tune, down in the Reclusium last night, was recorded by Louis Armstrong in 1968. The world was on fire then too. Women's lib, civil rights, nuclear proliferation, the Cold War,  Viet Nam, and a new generation of shitlib baby boomers that knew everything about nothing. Mr. Armstrong was near the end of his life at that point, and the tune was from one of his last public performances. He was very ill, and yet he still managed to pour all of his heart and his soul into this one little tune. This is the real world he's singing of. It's fragile, and can be lost amidst the sound bytes of capering noggers as they loot and burn, menopausal and menstrual harpies obsessed with their crotches, and doddering old men that rant and literally poop their pants at press conferences.

I am forced to remind myself that there is a difference between niggers and black people, and good faith requires the wisdom to know the difference.

Have a good day ya guys. I am gonna burn down the kitchen with the slow cooker today, brush up on my marksmanship and maybe do a few chores. Have a great Humpday, and take the time to see the world as it is - and not someone else's bitter and perverted interpretation of it.

Eeerrrrrrmmmmmm.... I never said it before, and such statements are difficult for me... but....

I love you too!

Sheesh!!! Filthie go bye-bye now.

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Presidential Debates

 I couldn’t watch it all. It was like watching the food fights the harpies on The View have. It was mostly name calling, accusations and grandstanding. Trump had to debate with Biden and the moderator. If I was was sitting on the fence on something, I don’t think either of those men would settle it for me. I think it was the most vulgar display of statesmanship I have ever seen - and Trump was no worse than the other two.

Biden actually put on a good show. Sure, he’s full of shit, he’s corrupt as hell, and he’ll crater the economy if he actually tries to implement the crap he’s promising... he got mildly flustered a few times. From what little I saw... he tracked well. He’s selling snake oil and anyone that votes for him is an idiot... but he did do a good show with help from the moderator.

About the only thing I’d say is that these debates have to be taken out of the mass media. They are in the bag for the liberals and it shows. There’s got to be a better way to do these things. If you guys put a Biden in... you’re in for some rough times. Start prepping everyone.

Terms Of Surrender: I Put On A Mask Yesterday

 I had to go to the clinic and get my fluids taken yesterday. The Dynalife clinic reduces the patient to a place on the assembly line. Ya go in, ya get on the conveyor belt in the waiting room, and ya get swept along to get poked, prodded, your fluids taken and you get spat out at he door. It’s run by stressed out women who can get downright nasty on occasion. I’m serious, I went in there once at got my head torn off by a young bitch that was having a bad day or was on the rag, and I did absolutely nothing to provoke her. I let her get away with it because I felt sorry for her. It’s obviously a shitty place to work and a shitty job. To add to their troubles just isn’t in me. I vex them in other ways too: I am impervious to needles. They used to be able to tap my blood on the arm opposite the elbow. Apparently I don’t have veins there any more and they have to take it from my hands - right between the knuckles.

So I go in yesterday and of course everyone is masked up like a retard. Right at the door they made me put one on. Then I noticed the waiting room was half the size...because of social distancing. It was the first time I ever put on a mask. I sat there Waiting my turn with my glasses fogged up, rebreathing my own halitosis. So this is what being a COVIDtard was like. Sweet! At least the waiting rooms and lines are smaller, and those arseholes are back on something of a schedule. There is good in everything I suppose.

When I was done I took that thing off and pitched it in the trash and left before any of them could bitch at me about it. There... I put on the mask in a clinic, but that’s as far as I go.

Then I went shooting at King Peter’s and Mary comes out to prattle.They are the only lefty liberal friends I have, and Queen Mary is a COVIDtard all the way through. We’ve butted heads on the issue before, and I formally surrendered there too. She started clucking about how she’s sooooo worried about her friend who had cancer - she could die of Chinkypox!!! Her elderly mother...she could die of Chinkypox too!!! King Peter’s buddy at work is comorbid because he has gas! He could die of Chinkypox!!! I sat there smirking and trying to suppress laughter and rude retorts. When she finished clucking, I said, “Welp, it’s a good thing you were on the ball with your mask! You very probably saved all their lives with it and your diligence...”. I said it in a serious tone with a straight face. I said nothing about the fact that we weren’t “socially distancing” or wearing masks as we spoke. But inside, I was splitting a gut laughing. Poor Mary looked at me uncertainly. She was clearly disappointed with my newfound awareness of this clear and present health risk.πŸ˜†πŸ‘

Human stupidity propagates in waves. Usually it crests and valleys in a steady, rhythmic monotony that is as cyclical and as predictable as the tides. Sometimes it moves like a tsunami, and all you can do is seek the high ground or something to hang on to... and hope for the best.



Buildings are like people.
One day they are there, hard at work and going places.
Then they are forgotten as the world passes them by.
Then they are gone, as if they were never there in the first place.

Signs Of Times Gone


50 years ago they turned into hippies. Today they turn into lesbians, 400 lb. land whales, feminists and other chit bags. Progress! You’ve come a long way, baby.

Awhile back, I think some horrible, icky church woman said something like, “men like clean girls with no crippling student debts or tattoos” and the Usual Suspects howled in rage. That woman was telling her girls exactly what the smart ones were looking for. They’re around, too, and they know what they’re worth. My advice to young men is - take your lumps and smile with such women. The alternative is to ghastly to contemplate...

Monday, 28 September 2020

Prepping: Some Things Never Change...


In the 50’s it was all about bracing to survive a nuclear holocaust back when people were still naive enough to think it was possible. Nobody really questioned the lunacy of it all except the usual political performance artists. People just shrugged and started building shelters and laying in stores.

Today we’re doing the same thing because feral negroes and spoiled socialist children and street people are rioting and burning things down. Back in the 50’s, our grandparents would have stepped on those morons like a bug. I strongly suspect the blacks from that period would take their grandkids and great grandchildren to the wood shed for what they’re doing today. I think you Yanks need to be honest about what’s going on here: the riots are going down not because of a popular revolt that can’t be controlled... it’s happening because some American politicians let it and even encourage it.

I am going to stick my neck out and call your next election for Trump. Yes, your Donks are gearing up for massive election fraud. Like everything else though... they will do it so poorly, that there will be no question about them getting away with it. Trump is going to win by a clear margin. Maybe not a landslide, but by a meaningful majority.

There will be no world-ending civil war... but there may be a storm. Regardless, being prepped for the worst always makes good sense.

The Original Goodfellas...


Death From Above!!!


Sunday, 27 September 2020

Oi! That’s Not A Knife VII








Strangers in the night!

Exchanging condoms - this one is to tiiiiiight, yadda yadda yah yah yadda yadda yaaaaahhhh!

Oh! Sorry about that! Good morning everyone!!!

I'm slowly going bonkers down here in the Reclusium as I sand and finish my knife blank in preparation for the fateful quenching/tempering process. I screwed up; the heat treaters told me to sand it to about 220~320 grit... but my next jump up in sandpaper is 600 so I went with that just to see what it looks like. I have been sanding for hours and hours and hours and my mind is slipping away and I am beginning to hallucinte. Sometimes I get visited by lounge lizard demons from the past like Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. I can usually exorcise them with a few drinks and some tunage. Other times nasty demons show up. I scrape away on my knife with visions of sticking it in some vibrant talibanger's gizzard. As I caress the gleaming steel with the files I quietly whisper to myself, "Yeeeeeeesss my Precious! Soon, my sweet, they will all pay!!!!!"

And then reality reasserts itself and I realize I have been down in the basement for too long, HAR HAR HAR!!!! Yannow everyone worries about kids these days, living down in the basement and playing viddeeyah games. Why, if I were a young man today, I'd be forging those weapons and making bombs, HAR HAR HAR!!! Folks are worried about the kids but no one gives a hoot about Old Man Filthie!!! They are probably right I suppose - I am too old and dumb to hurt anyone, maybe.πŸ˜†πŸ‘

Speakin of viddeeyahs... let see if this one turned out - I tried to upload it from the cell onto Boooger Blogger, and I seldom have much luck. As you can see... I still have a few more eons on the sandpaper getting all the uglies out.

Can ya's all see that?
I'm working up a sweat boogying to lounge lizard music
and sanding and filing... but I am slowly getting there.
Hopefully my sanity will hold long enough
to see it finally done...

In case Blogger Nadler's the bed, and doesn't work, I will put a few pics up just in case.

I got both the front guard and the sub-hilt slotted and figured I'd take a break and do some preliminary shaping on the brass.

I drew some circles and fiddle farted with some fwench cheese eating surrender monkey curves and sketched out the approximate shape. I'll be damned - I actually managed to make it symmetrical! Not bad for a hare-lipped retard, eh?

Only problem is - it came out too wide. That thing might look right at home on one a TB's katanas... but on a smaller blade like this... I think she looks a little fat... but that's okay. once I have the first finger scales in I can revisit the issue and slim it down and make it more proportional. You want to go big to begin with because you can always file it down - but adding material after going too small is generally a no-go.

Yep. She definitely needs to be trimmed down. Pity; I actually got that thing half arsed symmetrical and she looks good with even a hack 320 grit finish. If I don't mess it up... this may actually turn out to be a worthy blade. It's going to be a two stage glue up which I have never done before... so there's all kinds of nonsense that could go wrong. Oh well... thanks for dropping in y'all. I gotta go, the ghost of Bing Crosby just showed up again and he won't stop crooning unless I get him a drink! The guy's a bigger slush than W.L. Emery, and no bones about it!

I am going back to my lunacy 
and sandpaper everyone!
Hey - thanks for dropping in and y'all have a great
Winter is coming - now would be a great time
to check out the Man Cave and
make sure all is ready for the winter's hibernation.








One Thing I Could Never Stand About The Military...

 ... is the idea of handing in your weapons when you finish up your enlistment. Nowadays it’s maybe not so bad. Soldiers will learn their way around an AR, and when they get out they can build their own exactly the way they want because at that point, they will know what works and what doesn’t. As for sidearms I can’t comment; I’m still mad at them for going to the 9mm. 

But in the glory days when they worked with Garands, Springfields, Krags, Colts and Thompson’s....? If Uncle Sam loaned me one of those ... I’d never give it back!

Boycotts - Funny How That Works...


The funny thing about conventional right wing boycotts is that they aren't good for anyone. Life is fine for everyone when they keep their mouths shut, mind their P's n' Q's, and try to get along. But if you are a fan of rice, or pancake syrup, or razor blades or pro sport - boycotting the suppliers hurts. It hurts us, it hurts them and nobody really benefits. The marketing guys in these companies HAVE to be flipping out and Nadlering in their pants! When you make customers that angry that they boycott you... and bite their own noses off just to spite you... oh boy. Corporately... you are in for a world of hurt. Back when I did sales, I got in pitched dog fights with the company execs and told them flat out - do what you want to do! Tick these customers off all you want! But don't be surprised when you get black listed. And keep in mind - you tick those customers off in one division - it will ripple through others. Their competitors (whom we also sold to) would take note too. Clients watch their competitors and suppliers like a hawk. I had to win a few of those arguments the hard way before the execs took me seriously, and it cost them hundreds of thousands. It cost me personally too... I got commissions on sales, and lost sales meant lost income for me personally. I made a big point of telling company fart catchers, "I told ya so...". It made me very unpopular with the bean counters and clerical admin groups, and when they started giving me the gears I shut them right down. I told them that if I wasn't making money, THEY wouldn't be making any money either.

What I find odd is that all these turdies that are embracing globohomo and pozz... I can't boycott most of them anymore than I already am. I've never liked Nike shoes. I don't watch pro sports. I never really liked Uncle Ben's rice. We did buy Aunt Jemima but when Jemima disappeared off the label I think the old lady just assumed it was unavailable and so bought something else. I am good with it. I did get burned on Gillette razors. I like them but swore off them with the pink haired 400 pound lesbian landwhales in the company accused me of rape. In the resulting boycott, their sales dived and my wife saw a bargain on them when they had to slash prices by 50% just to move existing product. If I had been there, I would have put a stop to it - but the wife is apolitical as hell. For what it's worth I now have at least 3 years worth of razor blades stockpiled... but when that is done, I am headed for Wilkonson Sword or one of their competitors.  But other than those two... I don't bother with the others and now I will take pains to see that I never do. Other than a couple, the vast majority of these 'woke' corporations are ones that I won't deal with anyways. I wonder why that is...? Is it the same for you, or is it just me...?


Some Unfortunate Quotes

 I lifted this one from TB. If you don’t read him - you should! He can grow limes!!!

I saw that and got intellectually constipated again. While I am sure it applies most of the time...I am not sure it does at present. We have no shared morality any more. Keep in mind that moral, ethical, and political relativity are in play here... but from my perspective, I am expected to play by the rules while the guys on the other side are free to change them or cheat to impose their will. If I question it, I am accused and shamed for daring to disagree. I am supposed to accept homosexuals and pedos as beautiful and wonderful people living alternative lifestyles. I am supposed to stand behind racist black murderers, rapists, and drug dealers and condemn entire police departments. I am not supposed to notice when blacks shoot random toddlers on a weekly basis, or attack seniors for gits and shiggles. I am supposed to be civil and polite to corrupt, doddering old geriatrics (that literally shit their pants in public), while their followers riot, loot and burn down their cities and the lives of people who just want to work and live and be left alone. I don’t agree with those cretins on race, environment, social justice (hork, spit), censorship, guns, religion, economics, etc ad nauseum... Those guys are fond of saying “Good and evil are relative” because it lets them tilt the playing field in their favour when they need to get around the rules. No, I don’t think we can agree on what good and evil actually are anymore at all.

I get that nobody wants to be a dick, but I’ve  reached a point where being nice to these people isn’t worth it, and in many cases it’s actually harmful. You will never be able to reason with them, they’ll never give you a fair shake, they are going to bring the roof down on you and blame you for it afterward. I found this quote that is probably more applicable to the times... I think Phil probly writ it...πŸ˜‰


Sadly enough, in these dark days and times... I think that last one is good advice. Your mileage may vary. Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping in.

Tatted Up

I think I am the only
man in the world vwithout any ink
I look at some of the garbage people are
plastering on themselves... and kinda
think I got the best of that one... 

Free Fall Vaccinations

Saturday, 26 September 2020

One Fine Day In The Sahara Desert

 I can’t remember what it was he did.

Maybe he stole the plans for the V2 rocket. Or he boinked Rommel’s wife? World famous author and adventurer -WL Emery - got into something dodgy and the krauts had put the run on us. We stole a Jeep and escaped into the desert and ran until we lost them. When the Jeep broke down I was sure we were done for.

But the swashbuckler came through as usual with a convenient stash of life-saving liquids. We were eventually rescued by friendly forces in a well preserved state.

True story.

Chinkypox: Second Wave Is On The Way!!!

 I love OyTube.

The fags at the CBC have a channel and of course, all you ever see on it is our flimp of a prime minister dancing and capering for their cameras... and his vids always get pounded with massive down votes!!


We are so obnoxious that they usually keep the comments turned off!

I think every miserable old coot in Canada tunes in just to give Turdo and his fart catchers the business. what are the worst channels on OyTube, I wonder? 

In any event, the panic is back on, everyone! With any luck at all, we’ll all be sucking swamp water and unemployed after this!πŸ˜†πŸ‘

Judging Books By Their Covers - Can You See Crazy?

 They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and I can see where they get that. You can’t read everyone... but some? 

In men, the crazies seem to have flat, dull eyes. You can look at them and know that something isn’t working in there. Especially so in the noggers. The look in their eyes is the same whether they are buying a pack of smokes, or blowing away a random 5 year old kid with a gun. In the rare cases when the justice system actually works, and they get sent for a ride on Ol’ Sparky... they go to their fate as docile as a lamb.

With the women it tends to be the opposite. There is an excess of animation in the eyes. You can see the struggle as they fight to control their emotions. Some guys have that going on too. But with women, you can REALLY see it. That bint governor in Wisconsin is like that. One look at her, and you KNOW you’re dealing with a cunned stunt, if ya catch my drift. The crazy just radiates off her.

With all due respect to the POTUS...
I think I am seeing crazy here...

And of course, the old adage applies. My mother looks like a friendly old grandmother. My daughter, before she started carpet munching - was a beautiful young woman. But they’re both crazy as shithouse rats! You’d never know it by looking at them.

But whadda I know? I just Nadlered the bed sheets and woke myself up early! HAR HAR HAR!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

It’s too late for me - but all the best to you on this fine Saturday! Stick to your toilet training, men! For you ladies - don’t be crazy or you’ll end up in politics! Hope ya have a great day planned, and thanks for dropping in...

Friday, 25 September 2020

Today’s Canadian Content


He’s pretty much bang on the money.
He’s a little understated with regards to Queerbec and Tranna.
I am suspicious of the Newf/Florida connection...
But from what I’ve read at Wirecutter’s... who knows?

When Cars Had Arseholes...


I dunno why they ever went away from this. You could pull up to the pump on either side and still be able to reach. I think the other one I liked was that one where the signal light flipped up to expose the fill. One of the TV cops had a car like that.

Book ‘Em, Catto...


Even Your a Best Friend...

...can only be trusted so far...

Working On It...



Thursday, 24 September 2020

HappensTo Me All The Time

 Did he really shit his pants??

In my defence, I only do it when I get too enthusiastic - like when I am trying to light a fart or gas one of the tards like Jack or Quartermain.

I know it looks like I’m picking on old folks today and I apologize. But hell’s bells... I saw a couple people there that were seriously too old to do their jobs.

Filthie's Beauty Parlour


Welp, Mort has a bloody nose and a shiner. I've been bitten 7 times and am getting a blood transfusion  to top up after losing 6 quarts of blood... but I did it! I finally combed Mort!!! πŸ˜†πŸ‘ He's not too happy about it either but screw him - he stinks to high heaven (at least, I think it's him... it could be me) so we're both gonna get in the shower and soap ourselves up so that we are presentable to the ladies and refined society. That should be good for another fight...

Of course I exaggerate. Mort is the world's biggest pussy and would never bite anyone. I actually felt bad for him afterwards and took him for a long walk and gave him a treat afterward, and he cheered right up. When he gets a bath his typical pattern is to pout about it for a bit - and then he starts feeling good when he shakes all the water out and is full of piss and vinegar. He has the brain the size of a peanut... but his heart is as big as they come.

Boomer Hate


Oh gawd. 

My mom and dad were leading edge Boomers. Pop, 1941. Mom, 1943. Pop got his grade 10. Mom graduated high school. Pop got a trades ticket, mom took a course and learned to type. They bought their first house when Pop was 23. Pop got his journeyman’s, caught a job on the union gravy train and he was off to the races. Mom went to work for the gubbimint and she was too. She worked at a school as an admin and had summers off. Pop was up to a couple months vacation when he retired. Both my parents retired early. They worked hard, no bones about it. They were able to leverage all that into a lifestyle that allowed them to live on a well appointed hobby farm, provide well for us kids, afford an expensive RV and a vacation property in Phoenix.

When I hit the job market, youth unemployment was at 37%. I had high school but no job prospects. I went back to school and started making some money and we bought our first home when I was 33. We were never able to get on with the unions, or the gubbimint. Our employers never offered pensions. I worked for employers they never would, and put up with crap they never would, and worked for wages they would sneer at. Mom told me I would never have the things in life they did because I was lazy and had a bad attitude. She and her husband deserved what they had because they worked hard.

Lest I sound like a whiner, let me point out that my circumstances outclass those of our kids the same way those of my parents outclass mine. The kids have it much worse than we do. My parents think they’re lazy and stupid too. My kids think I had life handed to me on a silver platter. This kind of thinking leads to very dark places with very hard feelings.

It takes a force of will to tear myself away from it. I remind myself that I am on a different life path, with different obstacles and terrain. I can’t compare myself to others. There are others that would kill to be in my shoes, it’s easy to forget the gifts life gave you. All I ask in life is that I never become so morally and intellectually bankrupt, that I think others should pay my way and that I am owed a free ride.

Time Flies

What a different planet...


Oi! That’s Not A Knife Part VI

 Welp... the basic shape of the blank is roughed out and sanded to 120 and all the big gouges left by the files are gone. But -I’m shocked at the fragility of this material. It scratches so easily! I swear I can scratch it with a dirty look! The game plan now is to rough out the guard and subhilt...sand it down to about 320... and then send it off to be heat treated and tempered.

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

The Hell They Can...


That soldier in the pic knows exactly what he’s doing. And he’s doing it anyway. Those noggers that are rioting and burning and looting do too. Some of the Antifags may or may not - many of them are homeless, mentally ill, or drug addicts... but even then most of them know too.

The people giving them their orders know what they’re doing too. I’ve run across some types that believe human beings are nothing more than extremely advanced and nasty killer apes. “It’s genetics, dontchya know...!” Sure, pal. Sure it is. Or it’s “Deus vult!!!”

Everything in life is a choice, right up to and including slavery. You choose to believe white racism drives black misbehaviour, when it’s black misbehaviour that drives white racism. You choose to believe that boys can be girls and girls can be boys. 

There is a subtle difference between believing something and rationalizing it.

...And You Can Eat Chit...

 As a kid I caught no end of grief from my elders for being a picky eater. I fought pitched battles with my parents over it, and while I realize what they were trying to do... screw them. When they put shit in front of me as a kid, I went hungry. If times actually DID get so bad where I had to eat shitty food to survive...THEN I would eat it but only if absolutely necessary. Picky eating in times of shortages would be a self correcting problem I’d think.



Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Squirt Guns

I really don’t know what to make of these Personal Defence Weapon - or pocket assault rifles. I’ve never really been able to play with one. This one might appeal to the run n’ gun crowd but for a stubfart like me it would only ever be a range toy.

Dunno how much a benefit something like this would be for the squaddies either. Some of those ARguns are awfully short and handy. I’m not all that up to speed on that new fangled chambering either... what is it? 5.7x28 or some damned thing. Back when I was briefly considering one... billets were expensive as hell if you could find them, and brass and reloading data were unavailable.

You can eat your lunch or drink your coffee right at your machine.
The Boss wants an honest day out of you; you want to give it to him.
No matter how cold outside, it’s warm in here.
The young ones are mentored. They will take over when you are gone.
Your coveralls are covered in old stains but clean.
Your work boots fit like bedroom slippers.
There is a dartboard by the shears. No quarter asked for, none is given.
Everyone is on the same team.
Everyone takes pride in their place on the team.

These are things that once made us great.

Abstract Art Appreciation: Artifacts

I’m 56 years old... and by Godfrey... I want to play on that slide!

Remember those big tall swing sets that you could launch from, and get
serious air time off of...?

We could make a NASA astronaut barf on the merry go round.

The other day I went past my elementary school on the murdercycle. Of course all the equipment was pulled out, and a new toddler’s playground was set up elsewhere in the property. They let the site of the original playground go fallow as a “natural area” where the brush and trees grew back. No trace of it remains, which is the idea I suppose. It’s been like that for years now.

Yesterday I had a preliminary phone interview for a job with some megacorp. I should be happy, just getting an interview is a big deal these days. Alberta is in a bust cycle, crippled by changing global markets and economies and an utterly moronic leftist govt. I have to take an online test though, which will probably show that I am as obsolete and dangerous as that abstract playground pachyderm.

I feel the forces of the times that want to erase and cancel me as thoroughly and completely as that old playground of my childhood, so that no trace of me remains. Part of me wants to go, too. I dunno if it’s age, orneryness, or laziness that betrays me?

Probably all three...

Monday, 21 September 2020

Some Beach, Somewhere

Oi! That’s Not A Knife Part 6

Plunge lines are roughed in.
I have some boo-boos to hide...
beginner’s mistakes. Should be easily rectumfied...
Sanded to 120 to get some of the
hacks and divots out.

No Joke...


At church I heard it said that when the devil goes after a people, he targets their women first. There was a time I would have scoffed, but I went through this exact thing without a hint of exaggeration with my own daughter. They even looked much alike in the 'before' pic. If you have a beautiful young daughter heading off to school to take a liberal arts program... this is a completely plausible and even probable outcome.

It makes sense I suppose. Once you subvert the women, they can do unfathomable damage to the kids and their men.

There was a time I would have scoffed at relieving women of the right to vote... but now? Clown World is what it is, and it's crazy liberal women driving it...

I Don't Think Ya Want To Go There, Dan...