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Monday, 30 November 2020


Disrupting The Liberal Left


Oh no! Don't even start...

Oh my gawd... I am still HAR HAR HARing over that. Ridicule is such a devastating political weapon, isn't it? Hillary Clinton lost the last election to a cartoon frog. Yannow... if I were a far right conservative internet troll... I'd repurpose Sponge Bob for my propaganda.

There is no fighting this stuff either. When Hillary tried to portray Pepe The Frog as a racist and sexist hate symbol, the response from the public was derisive laughter... and more memes. I nearly spit up my coffee when that one of Pepe licking the flies off Hillary's face came out.

About the only legitimate problem with this toxic humour is that it shreds copyright laws to confetti. I dunno if there is any recourse to something like this. I'd hate to be an aspiring artist, see my work succeed and go mainstream - only to have it turned to political purposes I may or may not agree with.

African American Airlines


I suppose it would be rayciss to remind these brave young ladies
that without white men - they'd be property like cattle in some desolate fly-blown
chit hole country in Africa.

Mind you, I am in no position to criticize. I crashed my ultralight a several years back. Maybe if I had been a black she-boon, it wouldna happened, HAR HAR HAR!!!

It wouldn't be so bad if these people passed the same courses everyone else does, and were held to the same standard. Too often though, they dumb down the tests and requirements so that the vibrants and wahmen can clear the bar. Years ago they were hellbent on having blacks run the fire departments in Detroit which were too white. Within a year the city was literally on fire every night. A scandal broke out when they found that blacks in the department had to pass mickey mouse tests to qualify for senior positions, while whites and asians had to pass much harder tests and have years of experience. The cost in lives and property must have been huge, but to even ask the question brings hoots and howls of raycisssss!!!!!

But - just ignore me. That is just the bitterness of a replaceable and expendable old screw! Right thinking citizens can look to the history of black aviation for inspiration, and celebrate the victory of all these brave young women in today's oh-so-racist world!

Ooogah baloooooo!!!!
Flying canoe!!!
Enjoy your flight everyone!

Sunday, 29 November 2020

I'm Blinded By The Beauty Of Our Weapons...


Sunday Reclusium Music

 Well this Christmas is shaping up to be something special. 

The tards have agreed to buy me a jeep for Christmas, Phil is going to assemble it and install a small block V8 in it... and if they all do that, I may just go back to Afghanistan by myself and wage war on those mudflap Talibangers because "f*** you again!!!" HAR HAR HAR!!!

I will be a chick magnet with my new wheels, I assure you!!!

This has me in the mood for some appropriate music!

For Christmas I will want that wrapped up with an OD ribbon, and two fender flags -
and a couple motorcycle outriders.

Welp - I am not going to get my chores done or my dawgs walked by day dreaming about The Big Day. Everyone - at ease! Take the rest of the day off!


Brigadier General Filthie



Ya know... I haven’t had a drink in over a month now. Not even a glass of beer. Jeez... I used to drink like a fish and always be pished as a rat. Some nights, I’d go until my head hit the table. Between the assholes at work and my family... getting quietly bombed and watching the off-gridders, the tiny housers, and the van dwellers on the computer  just soothed my soul. My liquor cabinet is full of booze I haven’t touched.

If I were in that pic... I’d be the guy in the background quietly grooming the horse out.

Swamp Carrots


The other day I successfully shredded and cooked swamp carrots. I put some onions in and against my better judgement... some garlic. I don’t think I would have ordinarily done that but the chinawoman on Oytube called for them... so I pulled a very small clove, pounded it with the flat of the blade and then chopped it up and threw it in.

They weren’t bad; ya hit them with a ton of salt n’ pepper and they were just fine. Couldn’t taste the garlic and maybe that was a good thing.

My culinary expertise advances by leaps and bounds.


Funny how a few dabs of paint brings machines to life.
This works almost as well as that iconic leering shark’s mouth on those
WW2 fighter planes.
Funny too - how our mechanical flying machines
resemble fish more so than birds.
This one looks like one of those big dumb angry
fishes that put the boots to Donald Duck and Goofy
back in the 30’s.

Saturday, 28 November 2020

From Filthie's Porn Files


I shoulda kept a link for it. Somewhere on OyTube, there's a vid where the prim and proper Victorian  lady starts off in her skivvies. Then she starts putting on clothes in a fascinating reverse-stripping act: she puts on a bloomers over the slip, and drawers over that, and a dress over that. Up top she adds another three or four layers and a corset. I'll bet a dime to a donut that she is probably wearing close to fifteen pounds of clothes by the time she's done. She finishes off by crowning herself with one of those spectacular wide brimmed hats of the period, with all the flowers and froots n' cabbage on it.

It took her about 15 minutes to do and I'll be damned if she wasn't sexy as hell afterward. Or maybe she wasn't, I dunno. I just found it to be intensely refreshing to see a woman WITHOUT a face full of fishing tackle and nose jewellry, green hair, and an ass two axe handles wide. I think her outfit made a lot of practical sense too. Dressed in layers like that, you could walk around outside on mildly warm winter days, and go inside and be equally comfortable. 

I wonder if the guys layered up like that too...?

Christmas Preperations..

Back in the Dreamtime, when Christmas rolled around everyone would fold the pages over in the Sears catalogue  that had their favourite toys on it. You could always tell who wanted what too. Pop would circle the stuff he wanted - big stuff like snow blowers, garden tractors and stuff for Mom to order... and cheap tools for us kids. You could always tell Mom's preferred gifts - eg a potpourri. (A potpourri is a jar of fragrant aromatics you put in the chitter to try and cover up the smell. They don't work that great, and in my opinion they make things much worse...). Big Bro always wanted an amp or a guitar or records. I wanted guns and knives but Santa never came through on those until I was much older. One year Pop refused to listen to Santa, Mom, or the RCMP and bought me my first .22. I have been a deplorable, irredeemable gun whore ever since.

Is Sears even around anymore? I dunno - I have become averse to malls, consumerism and corporatism now. I hear that many of the local malls are dying and all I can say is good riddance. When I see the swarms of morons rioting at the mall to get the latest iPhone, or the newest toy... all I know is that whatever is driving them is wrong, and I don't want to be anywhere near such people. Pardon my fwench... but Amazon can take a hard run and a **** at a rolling donut too! 

For those of you that are wondering what to get a disgruntled Canadian recluse for Christmas... I will just leave this right here. Like all the GI Joe toys, this one comes with many useful accessories like machine guns, recoilless rifles, shovels, axes and all kinds a neato stuff! I'd humbly just mention that if you bought it now, and had it sent to Phil at Busted Knuckles - he could assemble it and have it ready for me well ahead of Christmas Day. 😀👍


If I had one a these... I'd build a garage around it, spit shine and salute it
every day.
I suppose something like that would be far better off in 
a museum, though.
I can get by Christmas quite handily with some fish hooks
and maybe a box of .22 shells, HAR HAR HAR!

Christmas is the time for you to celebrate the soul, not sell it. As you go about your shopping...  Keep your wits about ya...

Retard Videeyah Games...

I just confiscated this one from Quartermain.
Think it is beginning to rot
my mind too...

Today’s Inappropriate Laughter

This blog is the biggest steaming turd of political incorrectness on
the internet.
I hope everyone is as offended at these
deplorable rude jokes as I 

Fork Tailed Devils


Thursday, 26 November 2020

Tard Beauty Contest: Canadian Edition

Did you know we still have beauty contests up here in Canada? Welp we do, apparently... and assuming these ladies are what they appear to be, and not some shitlib drag queens... the gals ain't bad and are mighty easy on the eyes. And if they are drag queens at least they put some effort into it, eh? Usually when the liberals get involved with such things you end up with big, fat Jewish guys in sun dresses and neon orange hair that make you want to blow chunks.

Alas - the competition is fierce in a Canadian beauty contest, and these three tire biters have to give way to a REAL Canadian beauty queen:

Stand down, Quartermain! Put that fish bonker away,
this ain't a goat faced northern pike - it's a canadian beauty queen!!!

I suppose I could run my mouth about she-boons and 
oogah-boogahs and make rude jokes but that would be rayciss.
Whatever,  ma'am. Congrats on your

Back in the good ol' days when we could be sure of our women - you could lose your heart to them before ya knew it! That was the way of it with my wife a hunnerd years ago. Five foot five, and a smile that stopped my heart. Although her family came right out of an east coast trash can, she herself was a gem. I guess it's a common story for a lot of us old good-for-nothing, soon to be replaced stubfarts. 

Devin sings of a  better time when we were better people... 
and it was okay for our women 
to be white, sane and beautiful.

In other news the powers that be have just declared a chinkypox state of emergency. They turned on the Bat Signal , and I nearly shat my pants when my cell started squawking and blaring a state of emergency. In Clown World, Canada is first among nations... and is quite liable to stay that way until the credit cards crap out.

For All You Thought And Speech Criminals Out There

 Welp - I dunno about you Yanks, but up here in Canada I am probly gonna be blogging from the gulag at the rate our commie overlords are going. I have the wrong opinions about guns, queers, Trump, socialism, feminists, social justice warriors and other shitlib trash! Up here, it's a bigger crime to be called a nigger than it is to act like one. I am most likely for prison if they have their way... and perhaps all I can do is smile at my fate and make the best of it! For any other filthy capitalist deplorable pig dogs that end up doing time with me - perhaps some appropriate music might lighten the heart!

For those of you that want to support my blog, donations in the 
form of candy bars, cigarettes, and vaseline are eagerly
and thankfully appreciated!

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!😆👍

This, Right Here, Is Why Japan Got Nuked


That's a couple schoolgirls practicing and getting ready to greet American squaddies on the home islands, in the closing days of the war in the Pacific. This was the Japan that Doug MacArthur and Harry Truman faced. Japan was pretty much a beaten, but still - incredibly dangerous foe. Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal would look like picnics compared to storming the home islands. And take it they must - people forget that the Japanese killed more people than the nazis did - and committed atrocities that made the SS and Gestapo look like choir boys. The ruling warrior class lived by the Bushido code that forbade surrender. For the Japanese at the time - they had two options: suicidal resistance... or slow starvation.

Today shitlib historical revisionists like to paint America as the heartless agressor that eagerly mass murdered thousands for fun and profit. I think that black baboon - Barkie Obutthole - even apologized and bowed down before them. If those idiots were smart enough to crack a history book, they'd learn that Truman could use the nukes and kill tens and maybe hundreds of thousands - and end Japanese fascism forever - or drag the war out, and watch starvation and invasion claim millions. In the end Truman didn't have a choice at all. It all came down to numbers and projected body counts. In their zeal to condemn America, shitlibs often forget that Japan could have ended the war at any time too... starting with Pearl Harbour.

I believe there are inflection points in history where people and nations change - and the Japanese came out of WW2 as much better people. I think America did too - for awhile. But if you aren't careful, America... you could very well be reduced to putting YOUR kids on the machine guns in the days ahead.

Have a care as you go... I hope the wisdom of men like Truman will still hold. But... judging by our baby boomers, Gen X and Millennials... it isn't looking good.


For The Yanks: For Tonight’s Turkey Day Political Discussions


I am up there on the upper right.
I’d like to sit beside the family commie if ya don’t mind.
I don’t like shooting across the table and knives
are so much more gratifying to use at the dinner

Happy Thanksgiving Yanks


I hope your wives are rattling those pots and pans, that the turkey fits in the oven, and that you use a small part of the day to actually thank your Maker and that He is part of your family. I hope that you all pick up ten pounds, and that your day is filled with laughter, family and love.

A note to WL Emery - novelist, adventurer and man about town: congrats on your latest literary success! I regret that I lost your email whilst cleaning my inbox... if I can find it I shall respond in greater detail.



Wednesday, 25 November 2020

The Ice Man Cometh


How much weight is that guy carrying? If I recall, water is one of only a very few substances that gets less dense as it goes from a liquid to a solid... or am I having a brain fart? If that were a volume of water what would it weigh? 200 lbs?

288: Tard Hunger Games

 According to the FITA indoor archery regs - 300 is the perfect score after a flight. A flight of arrows is ten sets of three. The target has 10 rings, with the innermost one worth 10. Today I shot a 288 out of a possible 300. Putting that into perspective:

  • A score in the 270's is a case of the intermediate archer flirting with the bow
  • A score in the 280's is an archer going passionately steady with skill and purpose on the bow
  • A score of 290~295 ... the two are deeply in love, know each other well, and make beautiful music together
  • >295... is poetry, skill, and concentration sharpened to a lethal edge. These are the competitors
There's tons of guys that can shoot in the 270's. They start to thin out in the 280's. Regular shooters in the 290's are like hen's teeth.

288 is my personal best with this bow so far. I can't gloat though. Anyone can eat his wheaties, shove four horse shoes up his arse and fluke a good score off.... which pretty much what I did. It was more a gift from the arrow gods than a score I earned. In spite of all that.... my tinfoil hat is riding a little tight! I'll take it and smile.

Reminds me of that stupid movie with the chick in it: "May the gods be forever in your favour, and their shite fall upon someone else!"


I will go back to sucking swamp water tomorrow... but today, I am the chosen king of my environs and all must kneel before me! 😆👍

Ordinarily I Am Sympathetic To Black Powder Geeks...

But... a 1911 in percussion? Or a flintlock...???
Somebody needs to get his ass beat.


Just So’s Ya Don’t Lose Your Way...


Lock Down Part Le Deux

The old lady is a big wheel at the church. She volunteers for all the social functions they do and helps with the church girl’s club on Tuesday nights. Basically it gives the kids a place to be where they bake cookies, do arts n’ crafts and play games. It gives Mom a break in the week where she can use the evening to catch up on chores, run errands, or just take a load off and maybe chill. 

So I guess our esteemed leaders put everyone in lockdown again during the day. When the moms came to pick their girls up, one of them told the ladies about it, and magnanimously declined to report the gathering to the authorities. She was serious too - violation of quarantine starts at $1000.00 and goes up to $100k. So... you drop your kid off with what is essentially free baby sitting... and then think it’s okay to call the covitard snitch line on the volunteers...? Must be a chick thing I guess, because I can’t fathom the logic of it. The wife tells me that one of the other church ladies already got fined. She is elderly and lives in an assisted living home and apparently she went shopping. A thousand dollar fine will learn her a lesson real good, eh?

All I can do at this point is laugh and pretend to play along. Everything’s too political now, I can’t trust anyone I don’t know, and it’s pretty damned obvious “they” are out to get me. I’ll tweak noses, flip middle fingers, and enjoy taunting the tauntable as much as I can. 

What else can ya do?

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Black Rifle Coffee

 I am not a coffee snob. Normally I will drink whatever’s in the jerry can right up to and including the swill from Starbucks and Tim Hortons if necessary. I bought a few bags from Black Rifle because I like the fact that they support vets and gun owners. I like that they are enthusiastic bow benders and do raunchy commercials on OyTube. They avoided and even reversed the suffocating faggotification and corporate blandness that Starbucks and Tim’s infused into the coffee culture.

But when they issued that PR statement distancing themselves from Kyle Rittenhouse... that drew me up short. Kyle is on video rape defending himself from BLM and ANTIFA turds that were trying to kill him, and the three criminals he shot all earned their bullets. Now I’m hearing that BRCC made sizeable political donations to Biden and Obutthhole ... and that really chaps my arse, if true. These guys may not be the people I figured them for. They are beginning to resemble the mealy mouthed corporate shithawks that I hold in utter contempt.

I dunno the ins and outs of all this, it’s a viral internet phenomena now. But... they need to step up and explain themselves. As things stand right now, unless there is something going on that I don’t know about... they should be behind the Kenosha Kid 100%. And if they are bed fellows of shit heads like Obama and Biden...?

Like I say... I can drink whatever’s in the jerry can. I can drink friggin tea if I have to. It’s a free world, you can say and do whatever you want.... but so can I. And for me, an econo tub of Folgers works too. Those young men that run the company can either sort themselves out, or they can pass along my disregards to their fellows like Nike, Gillette and the other woke companies that don’t want my business.

Rigor Mortis Covitardium


Yesterday I was forced down to the gun store to pick up some Nosler 85 grainers for the .25-06... and what a fuggin downer. My old favourite gun shop is now run by Covid Karen and her coffee klatch and they were all on the rag down there. I put on my mask but got busted right up front. It's a gun shop, dontchya know - so I had to briefly turn and face the camera on the wall so they could record my face without the mask. The sport utility rifles are all gone thanks to the pink socked, gun grabbing Turdo La Doo, and I ain't kiddin' - the shop clerks were all pished off menopausal hags. I was strongly tempted to give one the back of my hand - she was dealing with an elderly lady customer that was obviously there to pick up something for her husband or son... and she was a little slow on the uptake like some of the more aged seniors are... and the harpy was giving it to her with both bloody barrels. 

I lucked out because that bitch rang me out on the till on the way out. After I paid, I took my mask off right in the till, gave her a snide smirk and a wink, and then flounced out while she was doing the "Sir! Sir! Your mask....!!!" thing behind me. Screw you, bitch.

Gawd, that felt great. When the Great Reset Canadian Western Rebellion comes - I am going to put every last one of these Covitardians to the sword.