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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

288: Tard Hunger Games

 According to the FITA indoor archery regs - 300 is the perfect score after a flight. A flight of arrows is ten sets of three. The target has 10 rings, with the innermost one worth 10. Today I shot a 288 out of a possible 300. Putting that into perspective:

  • A score in the 270's is a case of the intermediate archer flirting with the bow
  • A score in the 280's is an archer going passionately steady with skill and purpose on the bow
  • A score of 290~295 ... the two are deeply in love, know each other well, and make beautiful music together
  • >295... is poetry, skill, and concentration sharpened to a lethal edge. These are the competitors
There's tons of guys that can shoot in the 270's. They start to thin out in the 280's. Regular shooters in the 290's are like hen's teeth.

288 is my personal best with this bow so far. I can't gloat though. Anyone can eat his wheaties, shove four horse shoes up his arse and fluke a good score off.... which pretty much what I did. It was more a gift from the arrow gods than a score I earned. In spite of all that.... my tinfoil hat is riding a little tight! I'll take it and smile.

Reminds me of that stupid movie with the chick in it: "May the gods be forever in your favour, and their shite fall upon someone else!"


I will go back to sucking swamp water tomorrow... but today, I am the chosen king of my environs and all must kneel before me! 😆👍

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