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Sunday, 22 November 2020

A Couple With An Age Difference


Yannow I've never understood the ol' stubfarts doing the young-hottie-trophy-wife thing. Or their close cousins - the pot bellied grey hair geezers in Corvettes. I always try to look properly impressed when they show off so as not to hurt anyone's feelings... but all I feel inside is contempt. Who do these geezers think they're fooling? HAR HAR HAR! They're pushing rubber (if ya catch my drift) into blatantly shallow gold diggers! It's even worse when it goes the other way and ya get some dried up stretched out old cougar with some empty headed gigalo on one leash, and a poofy ankle biting pocket dawg on the other! HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Ahhhhh shit. Whadda I know? We live in an age where gender is arbitrary, the rectum is a sex organ, men can menstruate, and women can qualify for the Navy SEALs or the Marines. How a man does his push ups is his business I suppose. 

Maybe I should stick my head down a toilet and flush a few times! Anyone needs me...  I will be downstairs gluing my eyes and nostrils shut with my latest retard art project.

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