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Monday, 30 November 2020

African American Airlines


I suppose it would be rayciss to remind these brave young ladies
that without white men - they'd be property like cattle in some desolate fly-blown
chit hole country in Africa.

Mind you, I am in no position to criticize. I crashed my ultralight a several years back. Maybe if I had been a black she-boon, it wouldna happened, HAR HAR HAR!!!

It wouldn't be so bad if these people passed the same courses everyone else does, and were held to the same standard. Too often though, they dumb down the tests and requirements so that the vibrants and wahmen can clear the bar. Years ago they were hellbent on having blacks run the fire departments in Detroit which were too white. Within a year the city was literally on fire every night. A scandal broke out when they found that blacks in the department had to pass mickey mouse tests to qualify for senior positions, while whites and asians had to pass much harder tests and have years of experience. The cost in lives and property must have been huge, but to even ask the question brings hoots and howls of raycisssss!!!!!

But - just ignore me. That is just the bitterness of a replaceable and expendable old screw! Right thinking citizens can look to the history of black aviation for inspiration, and celebrate the victory of all these brave young women in today's oh-so-racist world!

Ooogah baloooooo!!!!
Flying canoe!!!
Enjoy your flight everyone!


  1. You haven't seen the "written reports" submitted by government workers, and the department doesn't matter. If the report is illiterate to the point of nonsense, the author is black. Afro-American. Person of colour. Whatever.

    They (and I intend to be completely offensive here) graduate grade school, Junior High, and High School, all while being functionally illiterate. Then they/those people are hired by the government, and there is no way in the world you can get rid of them.

    And yes, I'm bitter about it. Learning to read and write English isn't all that hard. I know some guys that are dumber than a box of rocks, but they're literate.

  2. Actually I’ve seen vibrant work up close and personal. Canada started destroying itself with multiculturalism back in the 90’s. The thing that drove me nuts about it was that the people pushing it would never put up with it themselves.