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Sunday, 29 November 2020


Funny how a few dabs of paint brings machines to life.
This works almost as well as that iconic leering shark’s mouth on those
WW2 fighter planes.
Funny too - how our mechanical flying machines
resemble fish more so than birds.
This one looks like one of those big dumb angry
fishes that put the boots to Donald Duck and Goofy
back in the 30’s.


  1. I recall back in the day, when the Reds entered Afghanistan, those Hind-D had air to air missiles on board. The Afghans had a few old French gunships that planned to stop the armored units. Blown out of the sky. The Army saw that and came up with a plan. They designed a Cobra to counter them. Single pilot moved forward of current seat. 4 blade system and set up to engage aircraft. Never got off the drawing board but it sure was pretty. I would have loved to fly that thing. The Stinger manpads were a lot cheaper, easier to use and more effective. With those around I really would not want to goof around over there in just about anything.

  2. Why is it I see the paint job on the chopper and all I can think of is "Silence...I Kill You!"