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Saturday, 28 November 2020

Christmas Preperations..

Back in the Dreamtime, when Christmas rolled around everyone would fold the pages over in the Sears catalogue  that had their favourite toys on it. You could always tell who wanted what too. Pop would circle the stuff he wanted - big stuff like snow blowers, garden tractors and stuff for Mom to order... and cheap tools for us kids. You could always tell Mom's preferred gifts - eg a potpourri. (A potpourri is a jar of fragrant aromatics you put in the chitter to try and cover up the smell. They don't work that great, and in my opinion they make things much worse...). Big Bro always wanted an amp or a guitar or records. I wanted guns and knives but Santa never came through on those until I was much older. One year Pop refused to listen to Santa, Mom, or the RCMP and bought me my first .22. I have been a deplorable, irredeemable gun whore ever since.

Is Sears even around anymore? I dunno - I have become averse to malls, consumerism and corporatism now. I hear that many of the local malls are dying and all I can say is good riddance. When I see the swarms of morons rioting at the mall to get the latest iPhone, or the newest toy... all I know is that whatever is driving them is wrong, and I don't want to be anywhere near such people. Pardon my fwench... but Amazon can take a hard run and a **** at a rolling donut too! 

For those of you that are wondering what to get a disgruntled Canadian recluse for Christmas... I will just leave this right here. Like all the GI Joe toys, this one comes with many useful accessories like machine guns, recoilless rifles, shovels, axes and all kinds a neato stuff! I'd humbly just mention that if you bought it now, and had it sent to Phil at Busted Knuckles - he could assemble it and have it ready for me well ahead of Christmas Day. 😀👍


If I had one a these... I'd build a garage around it, spit shine and salute it
every day.
I suppose something like that would be far better off in 
a museum, though.
I can get by Christmas quite handily with some fish hooks
and maybe a box of .22 shells, HAR HAR HAR!

Christmas is the time for you to celebrate the soul, not sell it. As you go about your shopping...  Keep your wits about ya...


  1. Sears is still around, but is dying a slow death. Buying K-Mart didn't help them any. I always wanted a .22/.410 over-under from the wish-book, but never got it. The old catalogs are on line at

    1. Oh man... wouldn't that be sweet. I haven't seen one of those in years, UO...

  2. "I can get by Christmas quite handily with some fish hooks
    and maybe a box of .22 shells..."
    Fish hooks is probably a go; but .22 shells is very wishful thinking. Nephew was looking for .22 shorts so he could sight in Dad's old .22 and he couldn't even find .22 longs.

  3. Ya know, I've got a spare SB 350 that I have been sitting on for a while now.... A little "customizing" of the engine bay and I know I could make it fit.

  4. Dad bid on a lot of those boxes once. We didn't win it. But we had planned on building the jeeps and selling them. I think there were fifty boxes in the lot...