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Monday, 30 November 2020

Disrupting The Liberal Left


Oh no! Don't even start...

Oh my gawd... I am still HAR HAR HARing over that. Ridicule is such a devastating political weapon, isn't it? Hillary Clinton lost the last election to a cartoon frog. Yannow... if I were a far right conservative internet troll... I'd repurpose Sponge Bob for my propaganda.

There is no fighting this stuff either. When Hillary tried to portray Pepe The Frog as a racist and sexist hate symbol, the response from the public was derisive laughter... and more memes. I nearly spit up my coffee when that one of Pepe licking the flies off Hillary's face came out.

About the only legitimate problem with this toxic humour is that it shreds copyright laws to confetti. I dunno if there is any recourse to something like this. I'd hate to be an aspiring artist, see my work succeed and go mainstream - only to have it turned to political purposes I may or may not agree with.

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