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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Filthie Achieves A Higher Mental State Of Awareness

 Stop that laughing you buggardly bastidges!!!😡 Cause I actually DID it!

I’ve been accused of running a cerebral flat line but in actuality my mind buzzes and rattles and grinds all day long with thoughts about chores, the daily news, arrangements that have to be made, about what that arsehole Quartermain is saying about me, and that rotten practical joke Mad Jack did to me, and about that money I owe to Pete... it’s a non-stop background mental thrumming that never stops. I can never get away from’s all about the low level bullchit of every day tard life. Do any a you guys do that?

The other day on Dawg Patrol we found this suspicious yellow stretch of snow that the hounds decided to fully investigate. They stopped, dug in, and weren’t going anywhere until they had finished. There’s nothing else for me to do except wait.

And that’s when it happened: the dawgs were oinking and snuffling and squatting and lifting legs and revelling in the urine. I, though, had slipped into a mental neutral state where the background noise falls away along with everything else. There was only the grey overcast and the wind. Kids shouted over by the rink, sticks slapped and pucks flew; the wind was soft and unseasonably warm. The mental noise from the past and future fell silent, and only the present existed. I didn’t have to perceive everything, process it, categorize it, catalogue it and store it. All I had to do was take it all in... and it was profoundly beautiful and refreshing. I don’t know how long I stood there, in a state of completely relaxed mental decompression. It reminded me of childhood.

But then the hounds had marked their snowbank and were tugging at their static lines, eager to be off. The mental chatter started up again and my modest little life was in gear and rolling. The lists, the details, the was all back.

I’d love to be able to do that at will - just make time stop, if only for a few seconds, so I can catch up, maybe...


  1. Those moments are exceedingly rare, and must be treasured.
    I'm thinking of a time underway when the ocean was oddly calm, and the full moon's reflection made the ocean look like it had a highway divider line that stretched to the horizon.

    1. Yep. Even when I am relaxing... true silence and inner peace eludes me for the most part...