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Thursday, 26 November 2020

For The Yanks: For Tonight’s Turkey Day Political Discussions


I am up there on the upper right.
I’d like to sit beside the family commie if ya don’t mind.
I don’t like shooting across the table and knives
are so much more gratifying to use at the dinner


  1. I am lower right. Government is like fire, as G. Washington famously said. A nessessity, but a dangerous one.

  2. Gassing Jews or nyone else for that matter is a very far left concept. Remember that Hitler was a Liberal social justice warrior.

    1. And yet - the most rancid far left liberals today are Jews. You could go on at length: Epstein, Weinstein, Feinstein, Weiner, etc etc etc. 90% of the slob leftwing mass media, including the New York Times, are owned by Jews. Every time I open one of those rag sheets to learn who the latest victim of my white oppression and patriarchy - I get lectured by harpies with names like Sarah and Rebecca and other shitlib Jewish women. It's a common tactic for those to paint you as being an anti-Semite when you are only being anti-liberal. I am not ready to make lamp shades or soap out of them... but as the wanks say: the jews will tell you why they're oppressed and victimized all day long. They will never tell you what they did to deserve it. I only started thinking this way recently, and I know it rankles with a lot of conservatives. For what it's worth - I hope I have the wrong of this.