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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

I Think It’s Happening Again, Maybe....


In the last American election, it was non-stop coverage about how Cankles Clinton was going to win and send Trump back to the fiery pits of hell from whence he came. The lore goes that the old bitch even had the balloons, cake and ice cream and self congratulatory stationery and party favours ready to rip. It was going to be a night to remember! All the bubble gumming liberal girls, the vegan fatties, the effeminate soy boys and gay hipsters were ready to rock! The media had pronounced her success well in advance, and victory was assured. Guys like Uncle Bob were scoffed and laughed at when they said Trump would win. And then history was made: and every wine soaked lonely single cat lady, every pangendered homosexual degenerate, every piece of angry racial mystery meat wailed, sobbed, and screamed into the night! Cankles kicked Bill in the nards and stormed off with a bottle of vodka... and the fags in the press sat around and wondered what in hell had just happened when Trump won. And up here in Canada I realized again why I love Americans. Cankles and the media were beaten. Americans rejected them.

Today the news is full of the same outrage as the Orange Bad Man refuses to quit and step down as they ordered him to. And his defiance stuns and enrages them. They assure us there is absolutely NO evidence of vote tampering. Why - the idea is so hateful and loathsome, it has to be BANNED from public discussion. Not only by the mass media - but from the social media platforms liberals dominate. Quoting our Canadian bitch of a prime minister... “free speech has limits”... and any evidence of election interference must be stifled. There is NO WAY any court will decide in favour of The Deplorables. The mass media and the shitlibs have made up their minds. End of story.

They can be forgiven to some extent I suppose... It works exactly like that in their enclaves, their sheltered bubbles, and their artificially generated stupidity chambers. But the Supreme Court is no longer a shitlib enclave. It has rules and regulations, and was theoretically created exactly for situations like this. In a rare exhibition of objectivity and dispassion - Pete spells out the procedures and standards by which they’ll judge the case. Unlike the media shitlibs - they WILL look at the irregularities. They will see the video tapes of black she-boons filling out ballots in the middle of the night. They will look at the sworn affidavits from the whistle blowers. They will note the high rollers and power brokers involved in the election, many who are there in a clear conflict of interest. The Donks pull this crap in broad daylight not realizing that the Deplorables will oppose it in broad daylight, and the court will have to consider it that way too.

Regardless of their politics the Supremes are in a pickle. The eyes of the nation are on them. Back room deals, inside baseball and gubbimint sanctioned flubdubbery is out of the question. The big city liberal donks have expressed displeasure with the Supremes, and their refusal to play ball. They’ve said that they intend to stack the courts with their own fart catchers to make sure those filthy Deplorables aren’t heard or properly represented ever again. If they decide for Trump, the Donks will unleash the ANTIFA rioters and the noggered BLM arsonists. They ARE powerful enemies, Epstein did not kill himself. If they dive for the Donks... welp.... the Boogaloonians have shown incredible restraint and patience... and their patience has worn mighty thin. And good lord - once they get ripped...everyone is gonna get ripped!

The Supremes have two plays, IMHO:

- They can do their jobs, call the Donks on their corruption and crapulence, set the country on fire and let the chips fall where they may.

- Or... they might be able to kick the can down the road. All these allegations and accusations will have to be properly and exhaustively investigated, dontchya know. Witnesses will have to be called, and cross examined. Delays will be incurred as statements and experts are brought in for scrutiny. The inevitable bureaucratic bungling and incompetence will add further delays. The liberal media will need to be involved, and the resulting sensationalized circus will add even more delays. Rest assured, very effort will be made to maintain appearances.

But... at the end of the day, the Donks are no friends of the court. If the Donks have their way, the current justices will have their power and prestige reduced when the Donks try to pack them with flunkies and affirmative action hires. Trump, on the other hand, respects the court as much as he can, and is liked by the cops. 

Don’t be surprised if Trump continues in his role while the Supremes “fully investigate the allegations and accusations” ... and don’t be surprised if that investigation takes at least four years.

But whadda I know? I can picture Uncle Bob up in heaven, smirking rudely at our antics down here. I’d love to hear his take on this nonsense.



  1. Yes, I have to channel my anger at this farce of an election to keep from going gonzo. This isn't my father's democrat party. Shite! It's my democrat party. The gorgon Hillary and the wingless harpy Kamala make Lady Macbeth and Lucretia Borgia look like sweet hearts by comparison.


    Here is a song I can't get out of my head. Something that I and millions other would to say and act on in regards to Antifa and BLM:

    1. You a metal guy, Quartermain? I am not... but I like that toon...

    2. I am more into classical, but I like that tune nonetheless.

  2. I am sure at some point, the government will form a commission to investigate the election irregularities, which will study the issue and eventually issue a report, which will be taken under advisement by a committee, which then may produce recommendations that will be studied and debated ......

    Rinse, wash and repeat. As the prof says, we have the worst political class in our nation's history.

    1. I agree on the first part, but not the second. Our politicos can indeed be much worse - as the lunacy up here in Canada and over the pond in Europe.

      I'd kill to have a leader like Trump right now. That pink socked moron we have for a prime minister makes a dessicated corpse like Joe Biden look competent...

  3. college of electors does not meet until mid december
    the count is not over
    no winner can be declared, by law u, until electoral college meets and fraud free count is in

    1. You wouldn't know it, listening to the media. Deb - in the interim, you can call ME the 'president-elect'!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

      How are you holding up these days?