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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Lock Down Part Le Deux

The old lady is a big wheel at the church. She volunteers for all the social functions they do and helps with the church girl’s club on Tuesday nights. Basically it gives the kids a place to be where they bake cookies, do arts n’ crafts and play games. It gives Mom a break in the week where she can use the evening to catch up on chores, run errands, or just take a load off and maybe chill. 

So I guess our esteemed leaders put everyone in lockdown again during the day. When the moms came to pick their girls up, one of them told the ladies about it, and magnanimously declined to report the gathering to the authorities. She was serious too - violation of quarantine starts at $1000.00 and goes up to $100k. So... you drop your kid off with what is essentially free baby sitting... and then think it’s okay to call the covitard snitch line on the volunteers...? Must be a chick thing I guess, because I can’t fathom the logic of it. The wife tells me that one of the other church ladies already got fined. She is elderly and lives in an assisted living home and apparently she went shopping. A thousand dollar fine will learn her a lesson real good, eh?

All I can do at this point is laugh and pretend to play along. Everything’s too political now, I can’t trust anyone I don’t know, and it’s pretty damned obvious “they” are out to get me. I’ll tweak noses, flip middle fingers, and enjoy taunting the tauntable as much as I can. 

What else can ya do?


  1. What else can ya do?......Imitation is the best form of flattery. If the noggins that riot can use swarm behavior to overwhelm and defeat the system, why not us? Get on the psychotic forums like Shitface, or whatever you call em, organize all your croonies to meet at such and such store, mall, etc. and storm the place with dozens of maskless people running amook through the stores. In the case of the Church gathering, everyone proceed maskless to the house of the reporting individual and stand about maskless on their property. Swarm behavior, it works.

    1. I am way ahead of most on leftists, TD. I don't want to counter protest. I don't want to talk or debate with them anymore.

      Goddamn my soul - I choose my words... but I want to escalate this. And then finish it - if ya catch my drift. Until everyone is on the same page - or in the same gulag... it is what it is I guess.