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Saturday, 14 November 2020

No, We Are Not All In This Together


So they supposedly have a vaccine for chinkypox now. Of course, you’re smarter than that, I hope? I wouldn’t trust anything TPTB have to say about it because they’re not doing science anymore. Fact is, they’re actually killing people with their lunacy, and any “vaccine” these morons come up with...? Suffice it to say, “No thanks.”

Yesterday I dipped into a wood shop some old farts had started. It was wonderful: no masks, we actually shook hands, and I’m sure we’re gonna kill millions now. Then I went into a small machine shop for a weirdo drill bit... and no masks again. I passed the wood shop I worked at temporarily before the pox hit... and they’re closed right down now. It’s a terrible time to be a small business man. Cancelling Christmas is probably a good idea because nobody will be able to afford gifts this year. It will be interesting to see how things go, what with the rebellion starting and more lock downs being imposed.

I saw a lot of empty parking lots yesterday or businesses with only one or two cars out front. Even if this idiocy let up... restarting an economy like this will take years.

Oh well, all this bitching about it isn’t gonna help, is it? I’m gonna have eggs n toast for breaky this morn, with salt, pepper and chinkypox on it. 😆👍

I hope you have some great plans for the weekend, and that you get outside. Ignore the scolds, most of them aren’t complying with this shit either!

Have a great Saturday.


Don’t make any plans for spring either...


  1. Our RINO Governor is threatening to shut everything down again. Many businesses won't survive, and in fact haven't survived. Between shut down and peaceful demonstrations, the capital city of Ohio is headed for the gravel pit.

  2. it will be a compulsory vaccine if you don't get it no food ,or anything else, for you
    if not this vaccine then the next
    'they' are waiting for us oldsters to die, who remember liberty
    when there are fewer of us then euthanasia
    i can see e wreck coming but no way to stop it
    maybe God will intercede but He may let us receive our just punishment this time

    1. Deb, I can’t speak for God, but in my opinion... we got ourselves into this and we’ll probably have to get ourselves out.