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Saturday, 21 November 2020

Oi! That's One Knife Done..

Knives for sale, made by a local retard bladesmith!


Well I finally got that fuggin little damascus hemorrhoid hunting knife done for King Peter. All I need is a final rivet in the sheath and I can get it off to him and focus on the pig sticker. I had to go to the leather shop to get the rivets and a couple of conchos for some key fobs for the speechers at the wife's church. One is a great big ol' farmer/cowboy and the other two are city slickers like me. They look okay when they're done, but if the guys don't like them they can give them away or throw them in the garbage. I think they'll appreciate the thought. I will have the wife sneak them into their mailboxes when nobody' looking so they won't know where they came from, HAR HAR HAR! They'll probly think one a the retarded kids made them, and then feel obligated to use them conspicuously! HAR HAR HAR!!! Tormenting good people with my hobbies is an added benefit of them I suppose.

The leather shop was an adventure today. All I needed was the junk in the pic - but when we got their the cashier fatties were regulating the number of customers allowed into the store. The place is across town so I grit my teeth and waited an extra half hour to go in. When I was in one of the fatties came over and gave me shit because my nose was hanging out of my face diaper. Being semi-deaf is a blessing of sorts. I can't hear, the girls speak softly with a mask on, so I just pulled up my diaper and let it fall down again when she left. Whatever.

I finally got my evil little grubbers on a 10mm drill bit... so I should be back on the Pig Sticker and hopefully get it off for heat treating and tempering in the next week or two. We are going to get a heat wave happening for the next couple days, so I will try and be outside rather than down in the Reclusium which will slow things down too. 

The foolishness continues apace here at the Thunderbox - and I hope it does so for you as well! Have yourselves a great Saturday and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Yea but its all covered up and we can't see it. How we supposed to denigrate your work if we can't see the finished thing?

  2. Exactly! This thread is worthless without pics.