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Thursday, 12 November 2020

Reality Party...Adults Only...

 A lot of folks are coming late to this party. I tried to avoid it like the dickens too. But the kids and kidults won’t have it any other way. You may think you’re safe in your bubble or enclave, but you’re not.

Half your countrymen can’t balance a cheque book. Nor can they budget. Even if they could, they wouldn’t. Some have bankrupted themselves, and figure that you need cover their financial shortfalls. They don’t care about their kids. (If their kids fail, that’s “society’s fault” ... or yours). Half your countrymen can’t handle a stable marriage. 25% of your countrywomen are on psychotropic drugs and antidepressants.

Half your countrymen hate you so much, they want to deprive you of your vote, your voice, your guns, your faith and your kids. They are incapable of solving simple problems: want a fair election? Easy: paper ballots, voter ID, and scrutineers. But half of them don’t want fair elections. (That’s your fault too, by the way).

Half your countrymen hate you for things you never did, and will act on it. They won’t give you a fair shake or the time of day. They pose as humanitarians as expended vets die in the streets or commit suicide. As the slums expand. As their own adult kids snort coke off the asses of a 14 year old prostitute.

If you think the responsible thing to do is give them anything to appease them, that your sheltered enclave survived idiot governments before and will again, ask yourself: at what cost? To you? Your kids? Your relatives? 

How many more do you propose to survive?


  1. There aren't many more I can survive. Rapidly approaching my "Best By" date(some might say I already have)and facing the reality that it will be a task just keeping the lights on until my lights go out. You can't talk to people who won't listen to logic. Wearing a face diaper is necessary because "science", yet the simple concept of gender can be changed on a whim and must be accepted by society.
    I'm tired. A light stroke and a triple bypass have left me weak. But I'd put everything that I have left in one last fight if that would settle it all. The problem is that those who have more to lose won't get up and join me. I have wonderful, responsible grandchildren who were raised by successful and responsible parents. I fear the world that my great-grandchildren will be born into will be unfit for human habitation. But what can I do? I'll just watch the sunset, and wonder where we failed....

  2. Our kids and grandkids are going to cut us up and throw us out, Chuck.

  3. it is written
    all civilizations end, often bloodily
    we will be no exception, canada included
    if you read the prophets you find perfect descriptions of nuclear bomb effects
    no turning back
    that is why we pray