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Thursday, 19 November 2020

Redwing One Year Shoe Review

 So about a year ago I decided to drink the koolaid and fork over serious bucks for some Redwing moc toe boots. They were pricey and came in at about $450.00 bucks. My usual light hiker shit kickers usually come in around $150.00 Canukistannie. 

The reason they look so sloppy and shiny is that I have slathered them
in Sno Seal.
We are into big snow, slush and salt now, and I really need to
protect the leather as much as possible.

I figure that for these things to be economically viable, they have to last for five years with no more than one re-sole job. That is a tall order for somebody like me, my light hikers are usually shot after a year or two.

Lookit that! I mist walk like an orangutan to get a 
wear pattern like that!
I might need to go in and get an alignment, and maybe 
get my arms shortened so that my knuckles don't
drag in the dirt!

Unfortunately I am built like an orangutan. When I get measured for a suit the tailors always do a double take when they measure my arms.  With my archery - I have a draw length of somebody that is at least a foot taller than I am. I wouldn't say I put on excessive miles to burn those soles off like that... and I don't really mind because if I had to rely on regular Vibram soles I'd be a cripple right now. I am getting old and soft and need a little give in my soles to cushion the impact. The price for that is shorter service life. I might get another year out of them before I have them re-soled... we'll see I suppose.

The souls are wearing off fast - but the leather and stitching
is still top notch. Mind you, I take care
of my leather so they darned well should be I suppose...

I gotta be honest. I dunno if they are worth the extra money I paid for them. I'd heard that once these things break in they wear like bedroom slippers. I am not finding that to be true... but they are better than vibram soled boots. Break in took about two weeks and involved blisters.

I wouldn't say I am unhappy with them either, at this point. The proof of the pudding will be next year when these things are really broke in.

For now - the jury is still out! I will keep you posted.


  1. Ya Filthie Bastad!- You have an intolerable high arch! Get it fixed with proper inserts. Geez... us Texsons know better. Next time, show a compilation of your grammar errors and nasty drawers. Same category.

  2. Holly sh..... 450 smackers... even in canukiestanian that's a lot of mullah.... No way I'd fork out that kind of dosh for something I'd destroy in a year's time. Shit, I cringe at spending 140 American for a pair of boots.
    Even though over priced for chinky made stuff I've had good luck with the Keen Brigs as they are just about the only pattern that accommodates my neanderthal proportioned feet.

  3. You need a resole with a vibram outsole to give ya some life. Keep the squish and get some durability. my current moc toe boots. Gortex n alloy toe that feels good! I don't do steel toes, they always rub. These don't. I took out the insole and added my insert that I purchased at the Red Wing store for $60. I too have a high arch. Got mine for $130. Been 2 years almost now on original soles. The quality and toughness of the leather and stitching is top notch for this price. I'm sort of a footwear snob but frugal and I really like mine and the price was nice.

  4. I have a pair of Danner's, bought from the Oregon factory in 1979, still going strong. I've used Sno Seal, but I prefer Huberd's Shoe Grease, scrubbed into the stitching with an old toothbrush, and let the August sunshine bake it into the leather.
    Like yours, I like a Norwegian welt that will allow re-soling (it also securely attaches my crampons for mountaineering--though that was many moons ago).

  5. Glen, apparently you and I have the same wear patterns on our boots!

    One thing I do not like about modern work/hiking boots is the relative inability to have them resoled (as opposed to my cowboy and riding boots, which can effectively last forever). I, like you, need a new pair of work boots but they do tend towards the pricey.

  6. I am a boot hound to - and I love leather!!! Perhaps another more in depth post is in order...

  7. Been wearing redwings for over ten years. Repairable. Awesome. Love em.