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Friday, 13 November 2020

Rock Stars: On Having Drive And Being Driven

A couple weeks ago I flipped my lid. My archery was disgraceful. I had all the time in the world to practice. Yet I didn’t, and my scores showed it. It was ridiculous. In my youth I was a fair bow bender. It took a competitive shooter to beat me and most of them could not do it with impunity; I spanked more than a few of them for their efforts. Today....? GAH. I resolved to get out every day. Between 60 ~ 100 arrows a day, each one fired indoors to begin with, where I would use the winter to go back to basics and rebuild the basic foundations of marksmanship that I had allowed to crumble over the years. I will never shoot that well again; aging eyes and muscles take their toll... but I will shoot much better than I have been. All I gotta do is get out there and do it.

So... I’m on OyTube watching the rock star bow hunters of the sport and their shooting clinics. In my day, Ted Nugent was literally a rock star bow hunter and totally hardcore. Today it’s guys like Joe Rogan and the kids that run Black Rifle Coffee - they’re all ripped, tatted up beardos that can run down a moose or an elk, and pack him out after they’ve shot him.

One of the fellas set me back a bit. He runs at least 26 miles every day. He lives in mountain country, and gets up at 3:00 in the morn to run. He goes to the gym and works out and pumps iron. After all that, he relaxes with his 80 lb. bow and he shoots better than I ever did. He drives a high end jacked up 4x4, and goes on dream hunts to harvest magnificent animals for his fanboys on YouToob.The manufacturers will line up 10 deep to kiss his ass for his endorsement.

...and the guy still isn’t happy with himself. He admitted it in one of his interviews. I don’t get how a guy can be that focused, that committed - and still not find any sense of contentment. When I was a kid I wanted to be just like him, but life and work wouldn’t permit it. I suppose I should be thankful.

Now he’s getting older with a lot of grey in his beard... and he’s at that age where such athletic men suddenly pack it in when their hearts explode on marathons they’ve run for years. Just looking at him, he has the look of a man who has been on steroids.

It’s funny how age and time changes your outlook on such things. Missed boats and lost opportunities start to look like bullets dodged. The Theory Of Relativity bears out again.

Have a great Friday, you lot! And keep your heads down - *ahem*, there’s a lot of rogue arrows flying around here, and I’d hate to see anyone get hurt! HAR HAR HAR!!! 😉


  1. Celebrities never did anything for me regardless of what they were famous for. To push that obsessively for anything you have to be a bit eff'd up in the head. I am eff'd up enough on my own without trying to emulate anyone else's notions.

  2. "Missed boats and lost opportunities start to look like bullets dodged." Yeah, go look up some of your old girlfriends on Facebook if you really want to see "bullets dodged".