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Monday, 23 November 2020

So. How Is This Going To Play Out?

Mark can be hard to take for some folks.
I like him, he 
lampoons the self important morons in
our media and their
pin head bosses in the establishment.

I’ve seen that too - the horrified mass media morons noticing that people are fed up with their antics and bias and going elsewhere - where they can discuss things without the childish censorship, insults, and derision from the political left. As I’ve said repeatedly - I am on Gab, but Parler is supposed to be good and some others are rising to give people an alternative to the rage machines like Twitter and Bookface. And of course, all kinds of bad think goes on at such places where liberals can’t throttle it like they do on their own platforms. But its now so bad That even other lefties are bailing out. It’s driving them nuts too. Clearly something has to be done or these awful Christians and icky conservative free thinkers will say whatever they want on their own forums.

What’s to stop them from making Andrew Torba at Gab an offer? I’ve actually lived through that: my employer expected us to work like buggers and sacrifice for ‘our company’... and then he sold it to the competition. He sailed off into a gold plated retirement, the new owners shut down the company and laid off all the employees to clean up the marketplace.

How much money would you sell your free speech for?

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  1. I deleted my Faceplant account when I found out that there was purposeful intrusions by F*ckererberg to see what I did and where I went on line... even when not on Faceplant. I had an account to keep track of the goins' on in my far-flung family. I was never "active" on the platform. I just didn't need it. I got rid of it... Twatter? 'Never had need of it either...