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Sunday, 22 November 2020

Sunday Edition: Gawd I Love Americans

 I love Gab too!

Last night I saw a heart warming videeyah where a bunch of people are chilling and relaxing - and the COVID Police come knocking. Two officers - a big fat good ol' boy that clearly didn't want to be there, a younger kid with a flat top haircut and ears that stuck out at 90 degrees from his head - and a frumpy, obese female police person. She opens right up on the illegally assembled, telling them to break it up and go home before the Chinkypox spreads - or face the consequences!

A dozen cell phones come up and start recording. The owner confronts Karen and tells her she is on private property and to get lost. Karen takes a deep breath, and starts trying to run her mouth but is rudely interrupted again: "Got a warrant?

"I can get a warrant....!!!" she huffs. 

"Fine. Get one. For now, you are on private property and you're going to leave. NOW."

About 8 people close around the trio, and politely and firmly nudge them out the door as Karen is on her phone running her mouth and trying to get ahold of someone in charge for her warrant.

That is the way to handle these idiots. Make their pointless virtue signaling and harassment as painful for them as it is for you. Do it. Get some shithead lefty activist judge up in the wee hours to sign off on a warrant. Remind  the rank and file cops that you don't appreciate their hassling, and that they need your good will far, far more than you need theirs. Cops want to eat donuts, drink coffee and and be on good terms with the citizens they are sworn to protect; they do not want to go round making powerful enemies for some pasty faced turd brained politico trying to score brownie points with neurotic and hypochondriac voters.

I would have provided a link to the vid but for some reason, the Gab utility doesn't allow it. This morning I raise my coffee cup and salute the intrepid Americans that have the courage and integrity for face down the chicanery that is driving the fake pandemic and the cretins that would impose it on us.


  1. Is this the one ?

  2. Many sheriffs here on the leftist coast say they're not going to enforce this boochit.

  3. More of us need to man up like those folks in Buffalo.