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Sunday, 29 November 2020

Sunday Reclusium Music

 Well this Christmas is shaping up to be something special. 

The tards have agreed to buy me a jeep for Christmas, Phil is going to assemble it and install a small block V8 in it... and if they all do that, I may just go back to Afghanistan by myself and wage war on those mudflap Talibangers because "f*** you again!!!" HAR HAR HAR!!!

I will be a chick magnet with my new wheels, I assure you!!!

This has me in the mood for some appropriate music!

For Christmas I will want that wrapped up with an OD ribbon, and two fender flags -
and a couple motorcycle outriders.

Welp - I am not going to get my chores done or my dawgs walked by day dreaming about The Big Day. Everyone - at ease! Take the rest of the day off!


Brigadier General Filthie

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