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Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Symptoms Of Chinkypox: The Blue Face... You NEED To See This...

 Once again the Filthie Irishman earns his esteemed spot of honour on the blogroll.

Didjya catch this guy's credentials? A medical specialist in pathology and virology. Trained at Cambridge University. Executive on the board of the company that produces COVID test kits. This is not his opinion. This is scientifically established FACT. You don't need to have this guy's credentials to know this either. All you need is grade 11 biology. In grade 12 math, pandemics are used to teach kids about exponential functions. College level statitistical study put the final nail into the coffin of the COVID scare about two weeks after it started. Pardon my fwench - but it's a fucking sin that people are getting suckered and duped by this idiocy. Worse - it scares the hell out of some of our seniors who may or may not have the wherewithal to suss this out for themselves. They don't deserve this. The kids are going to be neurotic wrecks from shit like this too. How many of them are wondering if their parents are going to die? Or that they will?

I'll tell you why this crap flies. Hysterics and neurotics LOVE this shite. For the faster talkers among them, it allows them to pose as heroes AND victims and draw attention to themselves and strut and preen for the tards. Look at Aesop!! The intrepid and fearless male nurse - bravely defying the lethal Coronavirus to save humanity from certain death! One of my dearest friends falls for this crap too - and any discussions of it start with how she is saving everyone by wearing her mask as she drives her school bus every day! Risking her life to get the little ones to school! She's so brave...!!!

Pull my other finger - it has bells on it. Sure, they may sound good... but when you drill down through the bluster and hype and the clucking - they're just another ten pounds of bullchit in a five pound bag.

For those of you that can think and use math and read... this whole chit show is a wake up call. Was it Carlin that said that "the average American is a moron, and half of them are even stupider than he is..."? 

It boggles the mind. Besides the financial damage, think about all the peripheral damage. This thing was part and parcel of a plot to steal the American election. Vital surgeries are backlogged for this virus as hospitals put Covid at the top of their triage list. Here in Canada our unemployment has to be in the high double digits - and I personally believe it is going to get worse.

You have the sum knowledge of all mankind on your cell phone. You can listen to established virologists and microbiologists - or you can listen to Aesop.

Choose wisely.


  1. I guess Aesop got tired of pushing, "we're all going to die from ebola" for two years and moved on to the next one.

    Such carefully crafted stupidity and blindness is a marvel to behold.

  2. Aeslop's audience became all the "scared to death Boomers" still on the kool aid. He will have those suckers hooked for life. They are a dime a dozen.

  3. Will you take bets on whether Aesop thought the Y2K bug was going to be the end of civilization as we know it? Any day now things will get spicy, it's just around the corner... Forever.

  4. Yep. Last I saw he was threatening the powers that be with civil war, and blood running like rivers. +1 on the elderly boomers too - There are times I am so glad I don't have to put up with the family circus clowns that would gobble this stuff up like pablum.