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Saturday, 25 September 2021

Saturday Mudflaps

Here at the Thunderbox we are always keen to signal
our virtue and celebrate
cultural enrichMINT.

We Shall See Which One Of Us Survives

 Any business that demands a vax passport from me can go pound sand.

I can cook at home AND save a few bucks in the bargain. It's a free country and if you want to cut your own throat - have at it.

Discussions With Darwin



First Thing I’d Do…

…is spill my 


More Flat Head Love


OMG. These things are poetry in motion. Y’know what I hate? Ya open the lid on a new car and instead of an engine, there’s a module in there. There’s black boxes and computers and wires in all the frooty colours of the rainbow. The cars park themselves now because people are too dumb to do it themselves. Or they take over if you pass out and are about to drive into oncoming traffic. They’ll bleep and blort and glurt at you like R2D2 if you try to back over a tard. Not even Phil at the Busted Knuckle Garage knows how they work - and he doesn’t want to know BFYTW. I don’t blame him.

Pop was telling me I need to buy an electric motorcycle. They’re silent dontchya know!! Maybe I should get adult diapers, Velcro shoes and drink a two-four of Metamucil too, Pop? How the mighty have fallen; Pop used to work on Rolls Royce jet engines.

British Racing Green too. Advancing technology and science has not been good to us. We’ve traded our souls and our manhood for it.

Friday, 24 September 2021

Darwin's Lottery

 Welp... there ya go: a lady well versed in the medical sciences, paralyzed from the vax. It happens. The chances of it happening to you are very, very small... but what if you are a lucky winner in this Darwin's Lottery...? The gubbimint and health nazis don’t want to talk about it. If they had any legitimacy and were actually doing their jobs, they’d be all over this. Hell… it wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

This is not rocket science folks. Viruses do not move or propogate the way our idiot leaders think they do. Viruses will not not be stopped or even slowed down by half assed measures like masking, social distancing and fake lockdowns or fake vaccines. This is a matter of established scientific fact. And if you are going to give the establishment the authority to inject you with stuff when neither of you know what is in it... shit like this is going to happen. I am not giving her one red cent. She should have known better and she should have showed some spine. On some level she had to know this whole COVID affair wasn't on the up and up - and she chose to go along with the establishment and it’s pozzed institutions.

And now she's forced to beg for a living because that establishment threw her aside as an acceptable loss in the pursuit of political points. They'd probably have preferred it if she had died rather than making a stink from her wheelchair.

Because the numbers are so pozzed and have no basis in fact - if I had to make a chit house estimate I'd say the chinkpox kills about 1 or 2 people per thousand... and the vax might be the same. You can take your chanes with a regular flu (and statistically, it CAN kill the odd person here and there, just as it always has) or you can take the placebo and take your chances with that.

As the kids like to say, "You do you!"... but have a care of what exactly it is that you're doing.

Chinkpox? Or Mad Cow Disease?


Stupid old women hardest hit! News at 11:00!

A Marine Flat Head?


Y’know… I’ve never actually seen one…
Where are the valves?
Are the rocker arms underneath…?
This thing looks like it belongs in a sports car or a speedboat…


Any idea what this one is?
He certainly looks edible…

 He looks like some kind of grouse or other upland game bird.
The common uplanders round here are ruffed grouse - they’re
everywhere and they’re so dumb you can walk up to them and goon them with
9 iron.
Sage grouse, on the other hand, are murderous. They
tend toward the flat open country and getting
within scattergun range makes for some very challenging 




Thursday, 23 September 2021

But What About All The GOOD Things Big Brother/Nanny Gubbimint Does???

 The libertarians over at Camp Borepatch are always whining and bitching: Turn off your cell phone!!! It's spying on you!!! Set your computer up different! It's spying on you too!!!

Blah blah blah...!

Friends, my cell is spying on me all the time - and I love it!!! I recently learnt how to use i-toons and even have a bluetooth speaker the size of a shot glass for music during those long sessions down in the Reclusium Subterraineum. Usually I go down there to escape the internet - infested as it is with the doings of liberal butt blasters, pedos, and perverts that set my teeth on edge and leave me wanting to murder someone. When I get in a murderous tizzy...of it's own accord, the cell starts playing soothing elevator music, and my rage and IQ drop into the lower temp range on the Kelvin scale! It's awesome! This morn, when I finally came out of my pleasant subconscious daze... I discovered my hands had loaded up 100 rounds of +++++++++P ammo while I was on autopilot! (I will live blog the results from the range on that one - stay tooned!) Music truly soothes the savage beast! 

This morning I got my nickers in a twist about what's going on at the border in the US - what with 20,000 of the world's stupidest, most violent vibrants trying to scoot across the border. Apparently one of the monkeys was photographed yanking on the reigns of the border patrolman's horse - and the faggotry when into a tizzy saying the nogger was getting bull whipped and flogged by the patrolman! If I was the Mayor of Texas I'da shot those sonsabitches and left the mess on the Mexican side of the border for the beaners to clean up. But - no big deal! I knew my trusty cell phone would start playing stress relieving elevator music and after I cooled down - I'd be able to get on with the day's chores in a better frame of mind!

But I think the surveillance vibrants listening in on me at the CSIS/RCMP cubicle farms are having a day - I did not get my usual dose of musical tranquility this morning. Instead - the little shot glass speaker started belting this out:

Tards. Together. Strong!!!!
The Classical music was affecting my brain!!!!!

By the time my the toon concluded by IQ tripled by a factor of four! My senses sharpened and focused, and I began to perceive the world around me in far greater detail: It's Thursday. It's garbage day. I should bathe and maybe change my underwear... I was becoming sentient. But - I wasn't done yet! Another one came on and my IQ exploded exponentially and I began to perceive and intrinsically  understand concepts like eternity and infinity and how to divide by zero. I understood the transdimensional nature of light and how to use it to destroy worlds and stars. I'd have the Clintons, Obuttholes and Turdos euthanized and replaced by my minions by coffee time. I'd scour the thrid world and Ottawa with a death ray that only killed the higher primates and left the buildings and wildlife intact. It was child's play! I opened nine cans of Chef Boy-Ar-Dee ravioli I would need the nitrates to cool the matter converters on temporal stators of the bluetooth speaker and send the computer required computer viruses piggybacked, back channeled to the guys at the CSIS/RCMP farm and from there on to the worldwide web. Easy peasy, Japanesy!!! The world lies at my feet!!!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!!

Other IQ-expanding toons came on. 


And as I prepared to act and set my plans in motion... the little blue tooth speaker selected another toon.... and...

Ahhhhhhhh. I just finished eatin 9 cans of ravioli that somebody opened! For breakfast! AWESOME!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!!! I somehow forgot what I was thinking about - something about pushing up on a rope...? It'll come to me later... In the meantime - I hope your morning's off to a great start, and that you enjoy the elevator music as much as I do!

Six Tickets To Hell



October Country


The Queen Of Autumn


Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Proper Cookware

You can measure a man’s intelligence by the extent to which he agrees with you. And it’s official, the senior stubfarttery have officially committed their support in favour of cast iron for camp cook chores. This is backed up by the peerless camp cooks on OyTube - check out The Men With The Pot. The decompression factor alone is worth your time. They could put the fear of God Almighty into Mack The Knife too! I wish I could sling a blade like they do! (Hell… I wish I could sharpen a blade like they do…)

Hmmmmmm. What’s this? Enameled metal? The stubfarts complain about thin metal cooking pots and I agree… you’re just asking to burn your grub with it. But look here… this looks like prime pottage and stewage! The Men With The Pot often cook in a similar cast iron pot, and dig coals and embers out of the fire and place them on top of the lid to get even heat. I dunno if enameled tin could take that…? Any of you have any experience with it?

Back By Popular Demand!


Dear Filthie,

I am in a real pickle. Me and my fellow harelipped retard friends, Jack and Pete - have been fishing and hunting together for years. The problem is they like to use green friendly fuels for the campfire - buffalo and cow chips mostly. I don’t mind the snap, crackle and pop of the peanuts and corn in the fuel… but it imparts an off-taste to anything cooked on it. I had a soy steak and tofu dinner ruined by it, and need a better solution. What do you recommend?

Your best friend,


You were right to bring this problem to me, M! 

Of course I recommend the clean burning, environMINTally friendly Jet Boil! High yield iso-butane fuel maximizes BTU’s and minimizes cooking time! Reasonably priced and affordable - the Jet Boil is endorsed by the Tofield Special Olympics Shooting Team, and is the official camp stove of famous novelist and explorer - WL Emery!

If any of you have difficult questions regarding outdoor gear and equipment, my expertise is at your disposal in the comments. 


That one could come from either Uncle Bob or Quartermain too!



When Flapz and I went camping, this is what a light breakfast 
looked like. He’d get Bronto steaks out, eggs, taters and a galloon of
coffee going… and a guy could run hard all day on that.

If I ate that today, I’d go into a protein coma and get bunged up.
Getting old blows sometimes.

Fall Doggerel


Quartermain’s Comic Book Stash….?

…or Uncle Bob’s porn stash…?

Tuesday, 21 September 2021


Y’know… after that election last night it takes all my self control to just shrug it off and forget about it. It’s all so tiresome isn’t it?

But Kate over at SDA knows how to bolster the spirit! Our public schools are daycares at best and moron factories at worst. I hope every single public school teacher quits. Or is fired. 90% of them are unionized pooch screwers that aren’t fit to clean spittoons in a cat house! I hope this bint quits too!

And here’s a mostly peaceful demonstration and protest in Oz over the chinkpox lockdowns. It’s nasty over there. I saw a clip awhile back where the cops beat up a 60 year old woman and hosed her down with pepper spray. The Aussies don’t take shit off their cops, and frequently beat the chit out of them during these protests. I’m gonna come right out and say it - we need to do the same. The govt is no longer accountable to the people and the cops need to be reminded of who they serve.

That is the problem of the modern day though, isn’t it? Teachers don’t do their jobs and fill the kids’ heads with garbage, and nothing can be done. The politicos lie, cheat and steal, crater the economy and jobs of the people they are supposed to represent… and make millions.

They need to be accountable, and they need to fear us if they insist on hating us. There is a show down coming and it’s long overdue.

The Filthie Gun Slut


That’s the 500 S&W magnum. Every once in awhile I get taken by gun fever and start lusting after some new gun or other. Fortunately I can’t be squandering funds to feed my bad habit anymore. The muzzle blast off this monster is off the charts. It will create balls of fire you can see in broad daylight. I don’t think the human animal exists that can shoot this thing with any kind of precision. There’s a rude joke going round the innernet that goes something like, “The S&W 500 Magnum: because f*** you, f*** the six guys standing behind you, and f*** my wrists…” 

I bet Phil over at the Busted Knuckle Garage could shoot it. 😂👍


Church Fail


I’m still HARing about this one. It’s the classic example of how the church gets sucked into worldly affairs, thinking the faith can solve any problems it finds there. The wife’s church avoids commentary on current events and issues probably for exactly this reason. Times are so divisive now that if you have the wrong opinion or try to apply the wrong ethics to the wrong social problems and situations - half your audience gets up and walks out. I don’t blame those young men one bit and would have done the same in their place. For better or worse, women now are equal to men, and as such they and their families will suffer the realities of poor decision making the same as their men do, I suppose. 

It’s one of the things that I wonder about and sometimes worry about at the wife’s church. One of her friends is a Christian all the way through, she talks the talk and she walks it too. There’s a couple of them like that, that get into outreach work and they end up dealing with some very shady and messed up people. Some are serious about turning their lives around, some less so. I worry about them. In my days as an atheist I had no time for such nonsense. When the missionary types came round, I wanted to get rid of them so I could go back to watching TV or sleeping off a hangover. I had better things to do, so I thought at the time. I was blind like so many today.

I am at a loss to understanding the stance of many churches too. They’ll scold their young men to ‘man up’ but never say a word about having their young women straightening up and flying right too. They seem to get a pass. I guess the feminist rage heads are right when they say the church is a patriarchal institution.

The proper way to have handled this would be to sit down with that cleric and having a few words about the birds and bees in the modern world, and making an effort to bring those young men back.


Turdo Wins Again

I’m disappointed in the election but not surprised. It’s all a puppet show anyway at this point, and probably has been for the last 40 years at least. I think I just voted in my last election too; I just don’t care anymore. The establishment has spoken: I am an economic unit, or a cog in a vast machine that doesn’t vote or think the right way, and must be replaced! 

Captain Capitalism was always fond of saying, “Enjoy the decline” and I really need to get a jump on that. The wife and I continue to lay in stocks of popcorn, booze and ammo… but for me the soapbox and the the ballot box are a waste of time and energy.

Monday, 20 September 2021

Filthie’s Afternoon Horror Theatre

 "The feminists howled, of course, but they could not stop a train they had set in motion. Bots replaced them not just for sex but for all the work women would no longer do. Once again, men came home to clean houses, great meals, ironed shirts, and well-mannered sons. What men had traditionally regarded as “girls’ stuff” was now “bots’ stuff”, at a lower price and with no headaches." - William S. Lind

I wonder if it’d be all that bad and would actually work that way?

Years ago my father in law and I were on what would be our last hunting trip out together. At night we sat by the fire and smoked cigars largely in silence. Out of the blue he started talking about how he wished he’d never married his wife or had become a father. It caught me totally by surprise. Silently I topped up our glasses and re-lit my stoagie from a taper in the fire. He started talking about girls he knew in the late 50s and early 60s as he stared into the fire and it was disconcerting as hell. I didn’t know what to say. Doug was a henpecked man, I could see how living with that woman of his could be soul crushing. I suppose today we call women like that “Karen’s”. I kept my silence and tried to focus my attention on savouring my cigar and my dram. He’d spent most of his life married to that woman and to hear him talk like that just left me out of sorts. I felt sorry for him, and prayed that I’d never find myself talking like that when I was his age. He’d have done well in a world where women were replaced by sexbots.

If I were to go back light years in time and sit down by that fire with our younger selves, I’d speak my piece too. Unlike my father in law I married very well. As a husband I was a good man too. We had our bumps and lord… some of those bumps and lumps were hard and I still feel the aches and pains from them…but we did well. Others have done much worse.

We failed as parents. Badly. I had no idea what I was doing, and had every shitlib femcnut in my ear correcting me and telling me how it should be done. I wish to God I’d never been a father either. Looking back on my life, a world without women would be empty somehow, no matter how good the AI simulacrums  got, and no matter how bad today’s women get.

Today, the old man is in a wheel chair, with his family scattered on the winds. He eats through a tube in his stomach, and Parkinson’s has left him with nought but two brain cells to rub together. I doubt he’d remember me at all nowadays, or our hunting trip in the glorious fall foothills on on the eastern slopes of the Rockies. And that rancid hag of a wife he wished he’d never met? She wheels him around and cares for him with tenderness and love now. She helps him take a bath, she helps him onto the pot, she strolls him around in a wheelchair.

I wonder, as men and women, regardless of the culture or times… I wonder if we are only reflections of each other’s virtues and vices? Would a bot be able to reflect yours back at you?

Stubfart Joke


Wonder if Beavis and Butthead ever grew up…?

Monday Morn Rude Jokes




What Is It


For some reason I seem to want to think this is the old obscure Voodoo gunfighter … but those belly fins on the underside have me really confused. They must retract? Are they steerable like the rudder?

Oot And Aboot


One of the horrible realities of our day is vulture capitalism. I am no commie, but over the last couple decades I have watched great American gun companies with histories spanning a century - get run right into the dirt by corporate shithawks and opportunists for fun and profit. It’s not just gun makers either I suppose. They are the kind of businessmen that tell themselves they are financial predators… when in reality they are really just parasites. It happened to Colt, Marlin, Remington and who knows who else. When I was a kid I dreamed of graduating from my Daisy BB gun to either a Winchester or a Remington and swore I’d have a Colt Python on my too - like all my heroes in the gun rags. Today the companies are getting traded around between corporatists like old whores. The historic companies are traded and bought and sold with no aim other than making a fast buck and flipping them rather than investing in them. 

Awhile back Big Green was going into bankruptcy and a new group took over promising to restore the company to its old grandeur… and this happens. From the blurb:

“I posted this on my hog hunters group. Seemed it caught a lot of attention.”

“For all of you out buying ammo? The two pictures are a recent purchase at a walmart. After purchasing the ammo it was noticed that the neck was cracked on one of the shell casings. So every round was inspected and 13 out of 60 of the shells had cracked necks. This isnt walmarts fault. This is the fault of the new manufacturer of remington ammo since post bankruptcy purchase. Vista outdoors purchased Remington ammunition post bankruptcy and seems to have no quailty control. Please check your ammo before purchasing. A cracked shell casing will cause the firearm to exploded and cause severe injury..even death. Just wanted to pass along this info. A lot of first time gun buyers out there and dont know what a danger this is! Please inspect your ammo!”

No, a cracked case is not necessarily going to blow you up. I get them all the time as a reloader and at the end of a case’s life I just throw them out when they split. I’m sure I’ve missed one or two in my 35 years at the bench. Why, I even had a case head separation on my M1A match rifle, and the big ol’ girl just gobbed the pieces out and kept right on going. But I was lucky I guess. I watch my brass like a hawk now and when I have a piece that’s done, I don’t throw it in the garbage at the range, I take it home and pound it flat so nobody else gets it and reloads it by mistake.

But cracked cases in brand new ammo? That is bad news. That tells me that Remington is in huge trouble, still. So what happened? Are they running the old worn out machine tools past their service life limits? Are they still putting cheap labour 3rd world turd brains on the manufacturing line and paying them $3.00/hour? Does that mean they’re back to selling half finished guns again too?

If I were still in the market I’d tell Remington to go sod themselves and let that old whore die. Sako is still making grand guns, and they’re actually worth what you pay for them too.

But that’s just me.


A sharp eyed commenter had this to say about the story:

"No way that is new brass. It looks like it was a range pick up. Weathered looking. Don't buy it..."

That is actually a great observation. We can no longer take this story at face value; Remington ammo is usually quite photogenic and their cartridges tend to gleam like pieces o' eight. This looks suspiciously  like the beat up range brass. Could that be due to poor camera lighting? Could it be that it was so poorly manufactured that it looked like beat up range brass right from the factory? Could some axe grinding stubfart be putting out a fake story to undermine the new Remington start-up? All theories are possible at this point. We must therefore downgrade the integrity of this story as "plausible". If anyone has personal knowledge of the situation, please chime in. For me - I have heard of problems with consumer complaints, issues with personnel and old machinery, etc. But those stories are as plausible as this one is I suppose.

Let's give Big Green the benefit of the doubt: check their ammo when you buy it and let us know here at the Thunderbox how that goes and we will pass it along? If you buy a rifle or shotgun... make damned sure that if you have any malfs with the new gun, the retailer will take it back and swap you a new one that DOES work, and take up any warranty issues with the factory himself. Most will do this of their own a accord but do not assume so. Ask your retailer what his stance on issues like that are before you buy. I think when it comes right down to it, we all want the new Remington to succeed.

Sunday, 19 September 2021



The Guy In The Middle…

Where is the line? Good lord. If you have to ask - it's probably already too late. I am asking because I don’t know. Bear with me:

On one hand, you have guys like Aesop. He’s ready to rock out with his cack Glock out. He is a rage head, given to over reaction and panic. He and I have crossed swords before; first when he and Pete thought terrorist bastadges were going to bomb the world back to the Stone Age - with hobby drones. When I tried to explain that all the CG animations and mass media hype was fake - he let me have it broadside with his “wit”. Later he panicked like a school girl for the Ebola scare, and when the chinkpox took off … he was in his glory. He didn’t have a bird, he had a friggin cow, man! Bodies would stack up out in the street by the morgues, grave yards and hospitals! Doctors and nurses would collapse from sheer exhaustion!!! 25% morbidity rate! Maybe higher!!! We’re all gonna DIE!!! Now he’s going to lead the Second Civil War because all the idiot commies he scared the shit out of want to force him to take a shot for the chinkpox and possibly rabies as well. For him the chair is always against the wall if ya catch my drift…ðŸĪŠðŸ‘

Over on the other side of this spectrum are guys like TB. He is not prone to panic at all. You could drop a bomb on him and he’d have the mess cleaned up by coffee time and be looking at plans for new houses…assuming he survived the blast. In my bible they talk about guys who are slow to anger - and I’ve seen glaciers go hot before he does. I was actually astonished when he and his introverted preppers discovered  recently that there are really, really bad things going on in our countries now… and I laughed like hell when they decided that they’d meet the darkening future without violence, and support each other as much as possible and maybe even passively fork the new establishment our enemies are seeking to force on us. Can you spend TOO much time in the bible? Dear God…these guys are lambs talking about defying lions! They think that our age’s rising psychotic overlords will just leave them alone to putter in their gardens, go to their churches, and they’ll sail on the winds until the whole thing blows over. He would never over react like a hot head like me would. They aren’t as crazy political as I am and that gave me pause for thought. They are normal people with lives, in the middle of the political spectrum. They see both sides of every issue where I do not. They have lives, you see, they do things and I spend too much time online.😇

So. Here, I sit. I know I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. But I’ve read history books, and squabbled with other online amateur historians about the lives and times of our ancestors. One thing that always floors me about the big crimes, mass murders, and genocides is that the people doing them… the guys pulling the triggers, posturing in the kangaroo courts, putting the blindfold on the prisoners…look hard at those people. It’s hard with the old black and white pics, yellowed with time… but if you look at the nervous bums in the background on the firing squad…one of them might look similar to a guy like Quartermain in another time and place. In another pic a solemn officer listens to some peasant farmers as they plead for their lands and property he was sent to confiscate. If he put on a few pounds he might look like Jack or Pete. The farmers losing everything might resemble Judy and her husband. The people that did these awful things and suffered and died look just like us guys today. I’ll bet they watched the wheels coming off their cultures too, and argued about what to do about it. I’ll bet things started small as they are right now… on bone dry beds of political tinder… just waiting for a spark. And when the mess catches…everyone else is dragged into the inferno regardless of their politics, their their morality or their station in life. When they get get stoked, people die by the millions and the vast majority of them are innocent non-combatants. Farmers, clerics, working folk, kids, the elderly it’s a crap shoot when the world starts to burn. How many watched the flames consume their lives and said, “It wasn’t supposed to be like this!”

I don’t think I am a hot head…? Others are seeing things too. I don’t care what anyone says, Vicki is not a rage head. Some of the actions I see being taken are to my mind - not mere provocations or taunts. They are flat out acts of war and demand a response. Every day the neoliberal left attacks our freedoms, our kids, our women… and our leaders in charge of the institutions to prevent exactly these abuses and over-reaches do nothing. Or worse, they take part. We’ve been here before: Chamberlain was the hero of the hour when he waved a scrap of paper, signed by Hitler that promised “peace in our time”. A couple weeks later the lead started to fly. Appeasement doesn’t work. It never has, and it won’t now. For now, the bad guys cross one line after the other and I pray that somewhere along the line we get the courage and faith in ourselves to stand up and put a stop to it.

I don’t think TB is the guy in the middle… I think I am. And as things get worse and worse… Aesop begins to make more and more sense. And maybe life is not about mere survival? What kind of people or christians are we to “tolerate” the stuff we are seeing? Where are you in all this? Where’s your line?

Aesop is drawing up hit lists of local shitheads that will need to be held accountable and possibly potted, laying in ammo and medical supplies and working on coded communication protocols. He’s ready to boogaloo tomorrow or even later today. TB’s declaring victory without firing a shot. I don’t know what spectrum I’m on or where I am on it. But I DO have a moral compass, and a sense of honour too, believe it or not. They wobble from time to time…but since we’re all on our own - I will do what I see as ‘right’. And I will do it to those that I see as wrong. I don’t know what that will look like, or who will be involved… but that’s all I know for sure, right now. ðŸĪŽ

It isn’t right to pick a fight, but nor is it necessarily right to run from one either. Have a good Sunday you guys, and thanks for dropping in to hear me prattle. May you pick your fights wisely.