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Friday, 26 March 2021




  1. Just imagine, if you will, a group of three freedom fighters crouched behind a bush, just waiting to ambush kindly old Jürgen Von Westernhagen who is out walking his dog, Arvin.

    A younger man would hear the stage-whispered conversation between these three patriots, all of whom are armed to the teeth with their Daisy BB gun. Unfortunately, Jürgen's hearing isn't what it once was, nor is his awareness.

    "Okay guys, here they come..."
    "Oh HELL Yeah!"
    "Come and get it you Nazi!"

    ::doof:: ::doof::

    Au! Autsch! Verdammte Kinder! Ich werde dir die Ohren abschneiden und ein paar Streifen auf deinen Hintern legen!

  2. It's bizzare. When I was a kid I'd be picking off bugs and little frogs and wishing my rifle was a 358 Winchester magnum... and now that I am an old fart... I long for the days of BB guns, bicycles, and baseball mitts...

  3. I bought a Red Ryder a few years ago, from Wallyworld, just to say that I did. It's still NIB though, and the 6000 round bottle of ammo is unopened. But it's there on the shelf should the occasion arise to need it.