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Thursday, 11 March 2021



Must be union guys... 
They are the only ones that would take pooch screwing 
so seriously, HAR HAR HAR!!!!


  1. I worked on Structural Steel in Chicago in the
    80's as Field Eng. The Union Iron workers are a tough bunch a guys. Quite a few of Local 1 if I recall correctly were from Canada and had
    Worked on Railroad trestle's prior to moving to the Midwest.

  2. Iron workers are AWESOME guys. And they are tough as nails. They walk around and clank like tanks when they are loaded down with 20 lbs of spud wrenches, reamers and bolts - and they will do that all day in +25 and -25C temps. All it takes to make fast friends with them is a rude joke, a free coffee, and a little work. I really miss working with them sometimes, Scott...