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Monday, 15 March 2021

Chicks And Cars And The Third World War ๐ŸŽถ

 Even winning is a tough row to hoe for some folks. When Trump got the punt in the last election the shitlibs were bitching about him for weeks after he was gone and I think they are still trying to impeach him. Some are still griping about him too - and they really, really need to move on and find somebody new to hate! It’s getting monotonous.

I guess Tucker stepped up and offered his services. He made a few rude jokes about women’s  fitness for combat roles in the military... and caught the very hell of it for noticing the obvious problems with the concept... HAR HAR HAR!!!!


I suppose I shouldn’t laugh. At least the Chardonnay soaked cat ladies and carpet munchers have a new scratching post. Unfortunately, it will only mean more publicity for Tucker, higher ratings, more money... and gawd knows... I know what it’s like to get run over by a stampede of chitty liberal women howling for social justice. It’s probably much like getting flattened by a 60 ton tank, HAR HAR HAR! “Why, no ma’am! You don’t look fat in that flight suit at all!”  HAR HAR HAR!!!

If you are in the military, I hope your time in is short, and that you’re out fast. If you are a younger man thinking of going in... I think you really need to ask yourself what you hope to get out of the experience. As for me... I’m laying in supplies of booze, popcorn and ammo. I strongly suggest you do the same. Have a great Monday afternoon!


  1. The kid from Regina, Saskatchewan.

  2. Popcorn! Dammit, I knew I forgot something today. Well two outta three ain't bad.
    Have a great Monday yourself, too.

  3. My wife: "FLIGHT SUITS FOR PREGNANT WIMMENS?!? Are they nuts? Have they EVER been around pregnant women? Have they HEARD about hormones? WTF!" I got a good one. 45 years together, so far. Probably gonna keep her.

  4. Pregnant women in flight suits? Why the hell not??? Drop 'em from C-130's in parachutes and let 'em bitch the enemy to death!!!!