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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Destroying The Prepper

 It is my conviction that we are now under an all out assault from our rulers. Every day there is a new assault on our rights and freedoms, made under the most ridiculous pretexts. You can tell who the good guys are in these things by watching the media. Gun club stubfarts at the trap range could snap at any moment - and go on a murder spree down at the elementary school. Preppers are creepy, spooky nutters sitting on hoards of supplies they will never use. Christians are bigots and racists that must be silenced and controlled - and destroyed if possible. You can tell who the bad guys are too - the rioting blacks, the ANTIFAgs, the gender benders and all the coloured heroes of the pozzed neoliberals.

The Z Man has a good one up today, worthy of your perusal. It seems to me that the latest weapon being deployed against us is debt. The American (and Canadian) Dream is blasted at us from all sides: you must have a lavish home, two late model cars in the driveway at a minimum. Also an RV, and maybe some toys like sleds or ATV's. That is serious money. Or, it is for me, at least. For someone like you that is probably chump change, right? HAR HAR HAR!!!

Right now, for most folks, the bill for that is easily a half million dollars. Few folks realize that the house you buy today, vs the one bought by your parents or grandparents back in the 60's - is now four times more expensive, even when corrected for inflation. 65% of Canadians retire with a mortgage. Most of us are only a pay cheque or two away from the street. People that would ordinarily prep are having their horses shot out from under them before they can even get out the gate.

Getting out of debt seems impossible because that American/Canadian dream is hardwired into us by a decaying society. The first order of business for young people should be financial independence. If they have crippling student loan debt... welp, good luck with that, kid.

Were I a single young man today, I would seriously look at Van Life. If I were married - the Tiny House might be a good start too. Debt is a tool, and there is nothing inherently good or bad about it provided you understand what it is, and how to use it. If you don't it will use you... and that isn't good for anyone. Renting is the same way.

Establishing your financial independence should be as important as establishing your emergency supplies and preps. My sources are saying the party is almost over, and if you are holding large amounts of debt when it pops... unless you are connected... the consequences will be dire.


  1. Z Man talks about renters and the temporary nature of society. The first time I ran into this was when I was shopping for my first car. I discovered the phrase, Take over payments, and I didn't get it. Eventually my parents explained it to me, then my father explained why automobile dealers hated to see him come into their showroom.

    "Because I can afford it," he said. Then he went on to explain that many people approach buying a new car with the thought that if the down payment is X, and the monthly payments are Y, I can afford it. It has nothing to do with the cost of the car.

    The first time I looked at car payments I turned the deal down. I was borrowing $5,000 and paying back $7,782 - no way. I bought a $500 car, paid cash, and never looked back.

    I had to relocate constantly for work, and so never owned a home until I retired. I paid cash for my condo, which no one could understand. I avoided a mile of hurdles and red tape at the closing, and got astonished looks from everyone concerned except the seller.

    In 1986 I helped Main Lady shop for a car. After a suitable amount of haggling and arguing with a brand new sales guy, we walked. We got a call back that night from the sales critter, and went back in the next day. We closed in about ten minutes - this is what we're willing to pay for the car.

    As it happened, about six months after she bought the car, it was worth more than she paid for it. The tariff went up, you see, so with the price hike and all, she made about five large on the deal. Not bad!

    My thought is that in Columbus, Ohio, rent on a place where I could have lived as a single young man is about six bills - which is the monthly payment on a 30 year mortgage for about $150,000. Coming up with the down stroke, about 30 large, is tough - but it can be done. The trouble is that no one in their twenties is thinking in those terms.

    When was the last time you changed the oil in a rental car?

    In Colorado, the landlord can walk into your apartment anytime he feels like it. A friend of mine was giving her epidermis an air bath when the front door opened and the old pervert walked in. Just imagine that fracas. In Colorado it's easy to evict someone, but in Ohio? Not so much. Most landlords end up offering the undesirables two or three c-notes to leave, rather than face the 90 days it can take to evict them. Meanwhile, they're tearing the place up - literally.

    Right now the residents in Columbus are fighting low income, income diversified housing. I live on Machine Gun Alley, so we have low crime. I'm convinced that the criminals know the residents are armed and have demonstrated that they will put lead in the air. So, low crime. We're the hole in the doughnut. Upper Arlington is a bit different, but since most of the homeowners are lawyers, the zoning is being fought in court.

    I have a Dollar Store across the street from me. The store had a problem with shoplifting until a clerk pursued the shoplifter, retrieved the stolen merchandise, and put a medium set of lumps on the alleged perpetrator. Shoplifting has stopped.

    The Z Man has a point - sort of. He's more than a little one sided, but the subject is not something that can be fully addressed in a 1000 word essay. He does okay with it - but just okay.

    Well, I got my second COVID shot today, and I'm feeling a bit disoriented. I'm thinking I'll order out for dinner.

  2. My house is my only debt. What can I say; I was in the military for 21 years. I got out and moved into the house my mom was selling. It was a great house. Unfortunately, the neighborhood descended into dindu hell, gilling up with vibrants, and the crime they ALWAYS bring with them. We had to move out and up to escape. That being said, we owe no one else. If we can't afford to pay cash, it doesn't get bought.

    If those stoking "the dream" really wanted kids to have financial stability, personal finances would be taught in middle school. They don't though. They want kids buying their stuff whether they can afford it or not. This ties them to jobs they may not like, and government workplace policies; secondary indoctrination, because "If I don't comply, I'll lose my job!"

    I'd recommend minimizing being on the hook to ANYONE!

  3. Our home is our only debt right now, beyond a revolving credit card that we pay down every month to get airline points (which has helped, having to back to see my parents so much more). That said, we could not now afford the house that we live in - we literally bought the last year it was affordable.

    I wish the "younger generation" would listen to the concept that being in debt is like being in prison. I fear they do not, and it is only another Greater Depression that will create the sort of thrift that was in my grandparents (who lived through the Great Depression).

  4. Okay, let's see... I've got a high school diploma and my folks want me to go to college - only they can't afford to send me.

    Just tuition is $11,000 per year, books are going to be a few hundred more, and I'll need a laptop. So I'm probably looking at $12,000 per year for four years. Only I five years to get my degree. So 5 x 12 = 60; $60,000 for a state resident at a public college. Live at home to save on rent, and ride a bike, take a bus, or walk because who can afford a car? Then it's get a job and start paying back the loan time. So if I can land a job locally, keep living at home, and throw $500 per month at the loan - yeah, I'll get it paid back. In 120 months, which is ten years. That means I'll be 33 before I can start saving up for the move out fund, assuming my dear old dad hasn't come completely unglued and I mysteriously took off for Belize or someplace in the middle of the night.

    This is looking grim. Maybe I could get an apprenticeship with a plumber or something.

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