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Friday, 5 March 2021

Filthie's Angels


The world's best gun shop (outside of the USA) used to be in Aaaaaadmontin, and was called Milarm. In their hay-days, they had TONS of pristine .303 Enfields. Other milsurps were a dime a dozen. And the other military surplus junk was to die for: racks and aisles full of gas masks, defunct hand grenades, canteens, fart sacks, antique radios with all the vac tubes and period electronics, artillery shells, gloves... I could get lost in there for hours. When I was a kid I struck gold - they had these WW1 tin stoves that folded down and fit in your shirt pocket that burned hexane tablets. When I found that all the other kids had to have them too. The stoves were cheap, but the hexane tablets cost an arm and a leg - and we paid for it happily. 

Upstairs was the museum. There were posters of patriotic Canadians buying war bonds, and terrible ones depicting a drowning mom and her toddler - sunk by those bastardly Huns in their filthy U-Boats. And pictures everywhere. They were all pics like these, local ladies and girls doing their part here at home while their men were away fighting the war. The wars left their mark on three generations, maybe four if you count mine. When I was a boy the War Amps was a huge and going charity concern. The Legions were big too - the elderly vets would get together and maybe have a sociable beverage at a price they could afford. They played bingo and cards and remembered absent friends.

Today Milarm, their museum and most of the legions are gone, and you seldom see pics like this anymore. Most of those ladies are long gone too. To me they are charming reminders of better times, when we were better people that knew right from wrong.

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