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Friday, 19 March 2021

Friday Morning Mish-Mash

 We have been having an absolute balmy March. Yesterday I ventured out with the dawgs for the first time this year without a jacket or long johns. Lotta folks were in shorts and tee shirts. The snow is melting fast, and as the glaciers in the back yard retreat... winter land mines from the dawgs remain behind. Every afternoon I go out and scoop them up so it’s not so bad. The snow is melting away so fast this year...

I had a phone interview for a job that they originally posted in Edmonton, but it got changed to Leduc. I haven’t interviewed in along time and I was rusty. I don’t intend to take a job in Leduc, but could use the practice of the interview. 

After that I went out to the shed and opened it up for the season. I haven’t been in here since the leaves fell  in fall. Big Red fired up on the first crank like he always does. I let the bike run for five or ten minutes.

Rumble rumble  rumble...
Music to my ears...

Today am going to hit the range with the last of my experimental hand loads. I have any number of recipes now that will now go well under an inch with good cheap practice bullets. Speaking of which, I decided to bite the bullet and stock up. I went to Cabela’s and cleaned them out of the Nosler 105gr match bullets. All they had was 300 so I took them all. By the time I chew through that, the ammo supply chains will be restored, or we will be starting another Great Depression or another civil war, HAR HAR HAR! (I like to be positive about the future). 

I also scored an econo-bottle of Hoppes No.9. Over a lifetime of shooting I’ve gone through three bottles - I use a variety of solvents when I clean - but this will probably be the last bottle I need in this lifetime. It’s odd to notice things like that.

I hope you all have a great Friday, and some good plans for the weekend.

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  1. Funny you should mention that. Just this past Monday I came home with an econo-bottle of my favorite, Shooter's Choice MC-7. This makes number three for me, plus who knows how many of the 4oz. bottles before that.

    Like many, I long ago figured out that you keep a small amount in a 4oz. bottle to use. That way the big bottle stays fresh, and when you knock over the little one, it doesn't flood your work bench. DAMHIK.