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Saturday, 27 March 2021

Give Us This Day Our Filthie Bread...

I should make a 40 lb. burg  patty and make a bun out of it.
Can you imagine trying to eat something like that?

So we tried it again. This recipe was slightly different... it has eggs and oil in it. The wife divided up the batter and made cinnamon buns with her half and mine got made into bread. We almost got into a domestic dispute because I wanted a pinch more salt this time. I won that battle and will prolly regret it. It looks okay though.. I think. I like the circular loafs. I want to eat that Roman bread I’ve seen on TV where they make a dip for it out of oil and balsamic vinegar. In the episode I saw, the characters were all sitting around eating it when the bad guys showed up... and the knives and swords came out and everything went to hell. The ancient Romans took their bread and their mayhem quite seriously, if Hollywood is to be believed.

After I got the kitchen cleaned I went out into the back yard and scooped dog poop. The snow melts, a few more land mines are exposed...and I get rid of them as soon as I can. Some are still ice locked and there’s nothing I can do until they thaw out. 

It’s still early spring here, though. The ice is still on the ponds, and it still snows some days. But thankfully the bow range is ice and snow free now...mostly.

I just shot until my arm fell off. It was nice to shoot in my shirtsleeves. One of the zipperheads left the front gate open when he left, and a passing couple dropped in just as I was packing up. They asked me about club fees and events and I went through it with them. They both just looked tired as hell, so I gently poked and prodded and got their story. They got their first boot in the arse a few years back when wildfires burned down half of Ft. McMurray. They were insured but a thing like that is a life disruption to be sure.  Then the Athabasca river flooded and they got caught in that. Couple that with the oil bust, and then chinkypox... and the last couple years have been really hard on them. They’ve moved down to Edmonton seeking better opportunities and I wished them well with it. According to official stats our unemployment rate in Alberta is 9.75%. I can’t prove otherwise but I will bet it is double or maybe even triple that. But whadda I know? I am just deeply thankful my wife is still working, we have some savings and we’re not out on the street. It really is amazing right now, isn’t it? It used to be that our victims were the poor and needy. Now it’s billionaires like Orca Winfrey, the Royals, the oppressed sportzball noggers, and all the coloured human trash flooding in from the third world. It’s the brave chubby nurses and public school teachers who selflessly do their jobs despite the deadly pandemic (with a 99.7% survival rate). They deserve “hero” pay!!!

I wonder where that money will all come from? Not me - I am just a bum on the dole. Not my visitors at the archery club. Not any of the tards and turds at the rod and gun club either. I sure hope all this diversity starts paying dividends soon...🤢

It’s too much to think about I guess. Have yourselves a great Sunday, and remember to be thankful you aren’t a victim... real or fake, HAR HAR HAR!

Take care.


  1. love how you keep calling it the chinkypox like you are a Kool-Aid drinking seppo.
    a TINY bit of research would show you that billie gates and "dr" Fraudski were researching coronavirus at Fort Detrick when it got shut down due to a laboratory leak, around the same time those mysterious "vaping deaths" started up in the vicinity.
    They subsequently relocated their "research" to the laboratory at ....(drumroll)... WUHAN.......
    Want to guess WHO owns the patents on "covid"?
    shall we talk about how the "virus" was found in water in Europe in 2019?
    please stop talking like a 13 year old child sir, l enjoy your posts but l am losing respect for you daily.
    Steve Rogers, Australia (ret. ex army)

    1. Why - what a nice thing to say! Thank you! I work hard to maintain a level of intellectualism and civility around here... and if I have hit the level of a thirteen year old... I am doing good! HAR HAR HAR!!!

      An interesting theory, though. Gates, huh? Possible and plausible - he has the money to pay someone for that, I suppose, but he would never have the smarts to do something like that himself. Fauci? Not a chance. The things that guy has said make him either criminally incompetent or a grifter and scammer. Quite frankly, I am astonished that he still has a job. His presence in politics attests to the utter stupidity of the American voter. There is no nice way to say it. In a real country, he would probably be pushing a mop or cleaning shitters.

      I am still holding my position until positively proven otherwise. COVID is in all probability, a naturally occurring mutation of one of the more virulent strains. A truly weaponized strain would have produced real massive casualties and would leave no doubt about whether or not it was truly a pandemic.

      Chinkpox is a political/psychological weapon, used by gov'ts against their own peoples - not a biological one. Flus kill old people by the tens of thousands each year, and that is pretty much all that happened here.

      I suppose we could come up with another contemptuous name for the flu... I only use it because I am contemptuous of fake demons and the chinks themselves. If you are ever wondering how ol' Adolph got all those Jews onto the cattle cars and into the showers... we are seeing it all right here. He had morons posing as scientists that could genetically 'prove' the jews were subhuman parasites. He told the jews to get on the cattle cars, and he'd take them someplace nice where they wouldn't have to face discrimination and abuse - and they eagerly got on board. They knew full well how Adolph and the German people hated them... and they went anyway. They were complicit in their fate, and I save my sympathies for those that bravely resisted.

      The dice have all been cast: we have institutionalized fake science. We have a morally flexible and politically motivated judiciary. Now our medicos are too. Our schools are indoctrination facilities that pump out sexual degenerates, morons, Marxists and other human trash. Our papers are written by morons, for morons. Our money will soon be worthless. Far as I am concerned... we will not be voting our way out of what is coming.

      It won't be long until we are all wishing we were 13 again, living in better times with better people.

      Seriously Steve... Thanks for dropping in.

    2. It's a lab modified corona virus. The so called vaccine was not "rushed". It was developed in tandem to the lab alteration on the virus. It's a binary weapon system, which gives it controllability in application. Traditional Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons are plagued by the serious problem of collateral damage effects.
      This binary weapon system allows for targeted mass killing with more precision and the bonus of plausible deniability.
      The vaccine primes the " target" for the virus to BECOME deadly on infection or reinfection.
      Scoff if want, this is what " they" are doing.

    3. It may be lab modified, but if it was done so as a weapon... it was a very poor one. Real weaponized bugs COULD wipe out millions of people, overwhelm the hospitals and morques, and have people burning the dead and their clothes in the street. They are so virulent and deadly there will be no flattening the curve; they will go straight up, and come straight down within a month. This flu has been consistent with the behaviours of other natural but nasty strains. The doctors that have said so have been politically censored, including the former director of the Canadian College Of Physicians.

      I have never considered the possibility of it being a binary type weapon created to test defenses or to be used in conjunction with other vectors and antidotes... and I will have to think about that.

      But for now, to me and any number of actual scientists and accredited virologists and pathologists... it looks like the plain old flu, and a bunch of clowns trying to cover up the fact that they panicked and over reacted to it. They are in a real pickle now too... fags like Aesop and Comrade Misfit used the flu to harass people and make themselves feel important... and now it isn't going away. There are terrifying mutations, second and third waves... and all kinds of drama and hysteria for them to take advantage of.

      That's my theory, and until I see proof of others - real proof, not cooked data or numbers pulled out of Aesop's arsehole - I will run with this one. But given the lunacy of the last year anything is possible.

    4. Okay. I understand where you are coming from Glen, but, I also understand where the Aussie commenter is coming from, too. All I'm going to say is that the Aussie commenter is not wrong and the bunch have been perfecting this methodology in Africa.

      Glen, I think you are underestimating Fauci, he is not stupid/a moron, he is immoral. No one has ever said Mengele, Himmler and Goebbels were stupid/morons, just immoral. Mengele was the science, Himmler operated the organization and Goebbels controlled the information. I see all kinds of parallels for today. You are right, we are not voting our way out of this. A lot of people are going to die before this is over.

    5. The bug has already been proven to be man made. It was a strain of a virus existing only in bat that was inserted in a common flu. In order to achieve its intended purpose it did not need to wipe us all out. Just enough to be used to alarm the general population so that you could impose a lock down and implement a free-for-all shit show with mail-in ballots. Remember it does no good for the chinese to kill us all. They are economically dependent on us. Who would buy the crap they make if we are all worm food? They were getting their ass pummeled and needed to change that. It was just a matter of subjugating us enough using some of the already paid for crooks in the system here. Have you seen the totally unnecessary brown nosing letters Fauci wrote the Hildabeast when she was under questioning for her pay to play scheme as Sec of State? Without him none of this shitshow would have happened.

    6. I only use it because I am contemptuous of fake demons and the chinks themselves
      cool, racist l can deal with. l hate everyone equally, and like animal farm, some are "more equal than others" and deserve more than the rest.
      be well and keep the groups tight sir.
      steve rogers

    7. Perhaps a couple of clarifications are in order. I am often mistaken for a racist given my choice of terminology and ideology. I prefer to be thought of as politically incorrect; I hate people (or groups of people) based on what they do, not their skin colour. Discriminating against idiots, criminals and morons is perfectly legal despite the efforts of liberals to ban it. Chinks are dirty, untrustworthy and deceitful - I’ve worked with them in the past. If a chinaman extends courtesy and respect, I will reciprocate. I refer to violent, stupid black people as niggers. I will not refer to a black as a nigger if he doesn’t act like one. The prospect of a looming race war demands that we be race-aware.

      As far as chinkypox goes... although I have a greater than average understanding of microbiology and statistical studies I am not a specialist. I know we are being lied to and manipulated. The people I would trust, who have the credentials and integrity to study this are being censored and silenced. I will reject blatantly preposterous claims as I’ve done with Aesop repeatedly... but will entertain others as plausible. They may not be my favourite is all. I have a STEM background which demands a respect only for approved and valid methodology and results. If my theory gets blown out of the water by reputable specialists in the process of a proper investigation... I reserve the right to change my opinion.

      Right now, the lunatics are in charge. When it comes to the chinkpox, we are on our own unless you want to trust the tubby nurses doing dances on tik tok. I concede that you may have info that I do not, or better info than mine. In the absence of trustworthy authority though... I can only do the best I can. I appreciate your input and your taking the time to comment. Hopefully this will be over soon.

    8. ditto on the callin a spade a spade if it deserves it.
      just a thought tho or a follow up
      its just the seppos need to demonize the Chinese to gain community consent to attempt to destroy them.
      every race is racist against everyone else, christos, the abo's in Australia constantly call us "racist WHITE dog cunts" we just call them "lazy fuckin abo's",
      again some are just more racist than others.
      l too consider it all a giant hoax, billie gates is like his father a devout eugenics supporter (you know, if your eyes are too close together you are a murderer who hasn't killed anyone yet), l have zero doubts this is heading towards the ominous warning on the Georgia stones, l wouldn't be surprised if billie contributed some of the funds for them.
      The most frightening thing is the people running the united snakes of America are always too happy to experiment on their own citizens.
      a truly evil and sad country.
      l have a copy of that meme l stole off your site on my desktop, captain America "America l love the country, the good people in it and the bewildered trying to find their way, but lord, lord, lord, l despise their political class"
      l refuse to wear a mask, l refuse to take their poison and l refuse to play their game. stay safe and keep your powder dry, sadly my totalitarian police state government already disarmed my country with barely a whimper from the citizens, actually it was more like a loud cheer :*(
      steve rogers

  2. That does look like a giant burger bun.
    The only Roman bread I have had is from a local pizza joint that uses it for pizza crust. I don't care for it.

  3. Here is my lazy bread baking method.
    the quick version
    the slow version

    1. Hey Mike... that first link goes to your blog but my computer says the page is no longer available.

      That no knead bread looks really interesting though...

    2. The first link is still there.... must be you buddy Turdo-Ladoo blocked it for you canokiestanians. Try it again it should work.

    3. No knead is indescribably simple. I use that method pretty much exclusively. Who has the time for traditional bread making? Throw everything together Friday evening, bake Saturday morning. Toss whatever spices or flavorings you like in with the mix.

  4. Funny exchange with anon. Please don't stop.

  5. I like “Chinkypox”.
    It must remain in the Thunderbox vocabulary.
    Or else.

  6. Used to shot a Sherwood Park Archery Range back in 2015/2016. Very Relaxing after a tough day at Scotford