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Monday, 29 March 2021

Go Ahead. String Him Up ...

 The powers that be need a win. They’ve concocted countless fake hate crimes, hoaxes, and poorly thought out narratives to attack white people and enable black criminals. We’ve all seen them. There was that black baboon at NASCAR that called the FBI because a rope pull on the garage door reminded him of a noose. There was another one that paid his simian pals to beat him up so he could go to the press with a fake sob story. There’s been at least 5 or 6 of these things in the last year. Of course, the hoaxes all broke down on rudimentary investigation. But now that lefties and liberals are calling the shots again, the race wars are back on. For this morality play all the actors have rehearsed their lines (those that could read, the rest will get bit parts). The props are all in place, the heroes strut and preen for the cameras, and the involuntary villains victims are mute, knowing anything they say will only make their lot worse. They are not there to play a part, they are just props.

I expect a sham trial, same as the OJ Simpson fiasco. Now that I know that liberal law is not about justice, all I can do is stand aside, and quietly clean my guns as the baying mobs are whipped into a righteous frenzy by posturing shitlibs. It sucks for the innocent young police officer, but for the rest of us?

The moral of this story if you are a cop is that if you do your job you will be punished. There will be no mercy for you, so if you see some niggered black gang banger doing what they do - ignore it and be somewhere else. The bosses and brass you suck up to want to defund you.

If you’re a law abiding or white... this is a good thing too. Libs want to import people like George Floyd into your neighborhood where he may live on crime and welfare... but he’ll cancel your vote at election time if they can keep him out of jail. If this latest kabuki theatre gets the rotten wood in your cranium to smoulder... that’s a good thing.

If you’re a ‘grey man’ or obsolete as I am... you need to think too. The cops are not innocent. They beat up old women for not wearing masks. They arrest people that use their guns in self defence during the commission of a crime or cultural enrichment. During a riot, they will arrest the guy in a red MAGA hat while the gibbons and simians around him are looting and burning. Thin blue line? I will pick and choose the cops I support, thank you very much.

This is a learning moment, folks. The smart play here is to keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.

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