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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

 I had a prolonged range day today. My last trip out was not successful; I start by reloading my shells at minimum, and slowly climb up to maximum charges. As I do, I watch for pressure signs, consistency and accuracy. On the last trip out the gun would only shoot these cheapo Noslers in a very narrow velocity range... around 2700~2750 FPS. Any slower or any faster... the gun started spraying. It was so pronounced that I thought it might be me... so I ran a second test just in case I was having a bad day during the first. Around 37.5 ~ 38.5 is the sweet spot. This test went exactly like the last one.

So now I am going to narrow it down: instead of bumping up charges 1 full grain at a time: I will confine myself to the sweet spot. I will start at 37.5 and go up 0.3 grains at a time till I get around 38.5.

At least I managed to have some real fun this time. After I wrapped up the bench rest nonsense I went offhand at the 100 yard 6” gong - and slapped the ever luvin’ chit out of it, 5 shots, 5 hits. The faggots on the firing line all gave me dirty looks as I flogged the steel... I owned them all and they knew it!!! HAR HAR HAR!

I am sure I will get my comeuppance from the Gun Gods... but not today!


1 comment:

  1. Ha!

    I love it.

    One or two gong hits, okay. Five offhand without slowing down? That's great!

    Half the fun is tweezing the other shooters off.