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Wednesday, 24 March 2021


Have you ever found yourself in a position of contentment, or maybe serenity... where if your story had to end... that would be a good time place for it? Or maybe your world changes, and you turn the page on the next chapter of your life? And you wish you could freeze that moment forever?

But the world moves on. The fire dies down, and turns to coals. The sun comes up, the noise and activity start, chores have to be done, schedules assert themselves... and that moment is gone forever, as though it never existed.


  1. My wife and I planned on being clear out of debt as soon as possible. We bought the honeymoon cottage with the equity from the house we sold. It's small, but no problem. Then, she got gold fever. She had to have more and more money. She socked it away, and then dropped a deuce and moved out.

    I'm still working on getting what I need to live as independently as possible, but I'm not going into debt. I've been out of debt since '05. My cars are old, but I can work on them. They run very well.

    My kids are almost done paying for their house, and they aren't 40 yet. Youngest has 4 city lots and he owns them clear. Oldest is a disabled vet. He's with me.

    Sis has a deadbet ex that won't pay child support, so I paid her mortgage until it was done. Hopefully, we will be able to weather for a while...

    Prepping never ends, so here's hoping they'll be time to prepare for who knows what, and we won't even need it...

    native Texican

    1. Glen, sadly I think we only realize this moments when they have passed.

  2. You find a time like that, burn it into your brain. Burn every detail into it. Remember her hair , the color of her eyes, the way the wind blew a salt fragrance over the deck, the warmth of the fire. How cold the beer was and how steep the powder, How that Harley shook on start up. Jack's odd smile when he clocked that fucker . Burn that shit into your brain.