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Friday, 19 March 2021


I just love hateful, bigoted sexist stuff like this, HAR HAR HAR! It drives home how insidious (and successful) the cultural attack on womanhood is. Today’s modern woman seems hellbent on destroying the future. They are all about proving they can do anything a man can and humiliating him as much as possible in the process. What kind of future can the military have with females in combat roles? In the workplace they are  mostly affirmative action hires and tokens whose only function is corporate virtue signalling. The work place is becoming a soul killing mine field because of such nonsense. 

Yannow it’s funny how things have changed. 20 years ago the queers, the vibrants, the neoliberals were all after the rest of us not to judge people. They wagged their fingers and said “what goes on in their bedrooms is none a my business” or “what consenting adults do in their spare time is THEIR business”. Lord help you if those sanctimonious arseholes thought their rights to freedom of expression was being trampled.

Today those exact same pin heads are subverting democracy and stealing elections, they’re censoring people, and actively discriminating against them. They tell me to stop being white, to wear three masks, and to respect lunatic men that run around in dresses so they can pee in the washroom beside 7 year old girls. Lord help you if you notice that blacks commit the vast majority of violent, stupid crime... or that gays, transgenders and other degenerates are, by and large, not happy people.

A reckoning looms.

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  1. There it is.. the state of our Union in three simple paragraphs. LOL "gays, transgenders, and other degenerates", I was relieved not to be sipping coffee at that moment. Well done, Filthie.