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Wednesday, 10 March 2021

I’ll Be Damned

 I dunno about you Yanks, but up here in Canada, the push to replace our decrepit CF18s with the new F35s... has turned into a predictable shit show now that the liberals are back in charge. They don’t want to spend a red cent on the military, preferring to flush those funds down Queerbec, the First Nation Freeloaders and other socialist grifts.

So now the Aussies have come out with the Loyal Wingman drone. It sounds like - at least to me - that they may have finally developed a fully autonomous drone... but don’t trust it and would prefer it to be under human guidance for now.

I wonder what the economics of this thing are?


  1. Ideally, they would be the best thing since self contained metallic cartridges. No worries about life support systems, almost no g force limitations, fearless. On the down side, it can be hacked. Skynet Terminator?

    1. I wonder, TM. Can they be hacked? I don't think so. I would have to check with a full blown computer geek, but I think software and firmware security is like anything else.

      You can pick any lock, crack any safe if you have the time, tools, and knowledge. The trick is to deny the crook those things and make a heist so dangerous and troublesome - that he gives up in disgust before he decides to try it.

      The last time I saw anything concrete on AI warefare - the tall foreheads were trying to teach the robots flying the cruise missiles to identify enemy targets in simulations, and to attack them once they differentiated between friend and foe. Back in the early 2000's the robots were successful 65% of the time - and obviously couldn't make decisions on their own.

      I am beginning to think now that any future fighter replacement programs are misdirected. Sure, we need new planes... but from here on out it will be missiles vs missiles and drones vs. drones.