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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Interesting Games People Play: All Rise, Judge Filthie Presiding!


This one has Grumpy Old Men 
written all over it.
That is the way of it when stupid people fight about stupid stuff.

One of the few friends I have is a smelly old vagrant named Dirty Dave. The man lived and died for rude jokes and if you put him in the bowels of Hell, he would find something humourous to joke about. I personally think the devil will get the worst of it when he dies. 

Dave lives in a +55 condo and is on the board. He tells horror stories about the other seniors he meets with to discuss condo issues like maintenance and community regulations and guidelines. Dealing with the utter bullcrap reduced the happy go lucky fella to a spitting, gobbing profane wreck. Some of the board members were elderly drunks. Others were flat out senile and had the attention and comprehension skills of a potato. Most of the rest were just flat out assholes looking for a fight, and using the condo board as a weapon against their adversaries. Idiotic stuff like this was commonplace. 

To me it looks like an antique project truck. I personally don't care for the 'patina finish' but it isn't objectionable... and if I were judge, I'd be madder than hell that crap like this even got into my court. I'd fine them all $100.00 dollars and give them 30 days for wasting my time with crap like this.

An epiphany: pretty much all of our divisive and contentious issues in current events is just as stupid as this one is... and I suppose it is not just grumpy old farts that indulge in this idiocy.

Have a good Humpday y'all. Be nice to each other!


  1. Screw HOA's. Wouldn't live in one ever.

  2. He should organise with neighbors that like old vehicles and vote in a new HOA board.

  3. I've had a disagreement with my condominium association (ANcient Assholes are US - ANAUS) ever since I moved in back in 2016. The trouble started when I broke out a case of beer and sat in my driveway, drinking peacefully and throwing up the empties for a little practice with my side-by-side coach gun.

    Things have gone downhill from there.

    Not everyone objects. One man who likes to ride his BSA at odd hours thinks I'm okay. My other neighbor lady is mad as a hatter, and when she's off her meds... well, 'nuff said.

    Truth Time: Move in day. The sun had just set, and I'd just finished unloading the truck, assisted by two gorillas. I needed to write them each gorilla a cheque, but had no pen. Everything's packed up, you see. So I went out to my car to get one (I keep pen and paper in the glove compartment). I walk out, and see flashing red lights to my right. It's Marty Meatwagon, picking up someone. Okay, well... sorry they're sick, glad they have help.

    I look to my left and see movement under the trees, in the shadows. I try and focus, and wish I hadn't. It's a naked woman - naked save for see-through panties. Apx. age is 110. She walks right up to me.

    "I don't know those people," she said.

    What the actual fuck is going on here?

    "I don't know them either," I replied, trying not to stare. Nope, nothin' wrong here.

    "I don't know those people," she repeated.

    Okay Jack, think. I know it's hard, but try. See, that meatwagon might be here to take this lady to the happy house.

    "Are you alright?" I ask.

    She suddenly realizes she's in a state of undress and does the standard two handed cover up.

    "Yes," she replied.

    "I see. Well, maybe you should go inside," I said. She did.

    I got my pen and went back inside. If this is a sample of the neighborhood, then I, for once, really don't know what to think.

    End Truth Time.
    Sort of.

    HOAs were developed to prevent certain kinds of behavior. Playing rap music until 3:00 AM, cars up on blocks, having a house trailer parked in front of your house while your brother-in-law is visiting, BLM meetings in the back yard, whatever.

    My only objection to a truck like that is that I might never get a ride in it.

  4. Most HOA's are peopled with "churchlady" types who LOVE power and LOVE to lord it over the inhabitants. The worst are the women. WWPS (Woman With Power Symndrome) makes every HOA worse.

    You think HOA's are bad; try living in MILITARY HOUSING! The water pump seal went out on my '85 Oldsmobile, dumping all of the coolant on the ground in front of my house. I proceeded to change out the pump where the car died, only to have the Housing Bitch show up and start harassing me for not taking the car to the auto hobby shop on base. ...It was apparently agin' th' rules to work on my car in front of my house. I told her the car was disabled She said "Call a tow truck." I said "Only if you're paying." She left wit her panties in a wad. Meanwhile, there was a guy down the street who was rebuilding Camaros. He had three cars in the driveway in various states of decomposition, two more in the street, hoods up and engines out, and two or three engines and transmissions sitting on the lawn. Nothing was ever said to that guy. The difference; he probably kissed the Housing Bitch's ass, and I didn't. Hell; maybe he was her HUSBAND; who knows?

    HOA life? NEVER!

  5. I could see it if it was as Pete said: dead engine blocks, mechanical carcasses and rust. Or if the guy was blapping the gas at 3:00 am. This is just stupid people fighting over stupid things.