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Saturday, 13 March 2021

Obsolete Man vs The Kibbler


Lookit that mutt. Batman gets all the breaks. He gets catwoman - a smoking hot bombshell in Lycra and spandex. He has tough friends like super man and Spider-Man. He even has a butler, the fag. Screw him.

I get a fat old bitch to battle with. I dunno what gets into Macey, but she won’t eat food out of her bowl. Instead she takes a mouthful, walks over to the window and drops it. Then she eats one or two kibbles and leaves the rest. Stepping on those things is like stepping on lego. She takes food into the living room, to the first landing on the stairs, and into the TV room. It is everywhere! Grrrrrrrr!!!🤬

But - thanks to Pete - I was able to get my electro-shark vacuum cleaner going and save the day. Of course that was 24 hours ago, and Macey has been kibbling the whole time. Looks like I better haul my butt out of bed and swing into action.

Toon in next week for the next exciting adventure where I battle The Dust Bunnies Of The Reclusium! Same Obsolete channel, same Obsolete time!!!


  1. The cat is storing food around the house in case you let the bowl get below half full.

  2. BatMan does hang with SuperMan but not Spider-Man, Disney and Time Warner wouldn't like it.