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Sunday, 21 March 2021

Post RetireMINT Income Stream & Other Intellectual Flatulence


Yannow, marketing and sales guys often are considered to be anything from scum-of-the-earth to out house sleaze balls. I used to look at them that way myself. The fact is though, that when we are doing a good job... we are seen as visionaries.

Lotta folks mistake Henry Ford as a mechanical genius. At the time North America was chock full of guys with mechanical talent. Some were more gifted and ingenious than Mr. Ford. During his time, they were building cars and even airplanes. Henry Ford was, first and foremost - a sales guy. And he ate his competitors alive.

Bill Gates is a marketing guy. He’s convinced half the world that Chinkypox is real. He’s sold them on a “vaccine” that will not prevent a recurrence of the illness, and will still require you to wear a mask after taking it. His fans consider him a science and tech authority. He’s moderately talented computer geek with no background in pathology or virology at all.

Adolf Hitler was a marketing guy. His science proved that Jews were subhuman filth and genetic throwbacks. You see the same underlying scientific fascism in fake sciences like climate change, Covid-19, and gender studies. These guys sell a notion to unhappy, unfulfilled people with no purpose. They make such people into crusaders and freedom fighters. Such people can move mountains and raze cities.

Selling people shite is like shooting fish in a bucket. People will believe anything these days. The only thing that propagates faster than light is BS. But even so, there ARE ethical, honest sales guys out there. The biggest challenge they face is getting the customers to distinguish between what they want and what they actually need and proceed accordingly.

It is getting harder and harder every day for an honest sales guy to do his thing. That isn’t his fault either. It’s the customers’.

Have a great Sunday you guys - and have a care about what you buy, and who you’re buying from.



  1. You give all three of those examples far too much credit.
    Gates is not even moderately talented as a computer geek.

  2. ButButBut.....The former halfrican President said that "The science is settled"

    The REAL salesmen, or grifters, as the case may be, are the ones that put a dementia degraded do nothing carreer politician and his "whoring to the top" ass-istant into the most powerful positions in the world.

  3. Some are so good at it, they can create the market first, and then the products to fill it.

    I am old enough to remember the negroes saying, "Just give us a chance! We will PROVE ourselves!!!" Back then, people really wanted to see this proof and see them rise up and take a position as equals.
    Today we are all smart enough to see talent and hard work and ethics and give them their due. But affirmative action is what it is, and it is not covering up any of the race realities our grandparents acknowledged and took for granted.

    To keep that grift going Obutthole and his simian cohorts have to invent outrages, hoaxes, and fakes to infuriate the black man and gin up more.

  4. I guess they got a faster horse anyway.