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Sunday, 28 March 2021

Second Best Girlie Pic On The Net


What is that? A prehistorical tactical Krag...?
Didjya notice the collapsible camp chairs too...?

Kim du Toit oddly and sadly enough... has the best one today. Usually the filthy old pervert is creeping out over elderly fatties and leaves me wanting to wash my eyes out with bleach, HAR HAR HAR!!! Unfortunately I too have a crush on Mallory Archer, and I didn't know what a stunning woman Jessica Walter was in real life. Gosh, she could really rock that Mallory Archer character like a pro too.


  1. That is a .30-40 Krag rifle. The distinctive magazine on the side is the clue.

    This is a better pic than the half-dozen or so du Toit offers up, mainly because it's based on reality.

  2. For a second I saw Carrie Fischer in Blues Brothers.