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Monday, 15 March 2021

Smear Jobs

 I stay the hell out of religious denominational issues because I do not know enough about them, they can get extremely nasty, they can never be resolved, and they’re just one more thing to fight about in a world that might come apart any second. But... given the antics of the current Pope, I was surprised a bit to see this...

I find it confusing because to listen to some tell it - the Catholic Church is chock full of queers. Are their clergymen still attacking kids on a regular basis? I ask because I don’t trust the media at all now. But... if the catholic faith is supposedly full of gays and pedos... don’t you think this “blessing of gay marriages”would have gone the other way? And if the clergy were indeed full of queers... wouldn’t the Rainbow Flag folks be a little more supportive? I really have to wonder because the media has attacked gun owners, home schoolers, conservatives and other groups they hate the same way. I do not doubt there was some abuse; pedos are hunters, and they will seek out positions of trust and authority to get them closer to the prey. They’ve undermined minor sports, the Boy Scouts, schools and other children’s organizations. But look at Joe Biden... he groped kids right on camera. His son banged an underaged prostitute on video while snorting coke. And yet, nothing is said about it in the press at all.

The bible comes out against these people for exactly that reason. Queers destroy their families. They attack children. They attack anyone that disagrees with them. As goes the family, so goes the community, the province and the nation. I am beginning to think that the church’s problem with pedos may have largely been manufactured by the press.


  1. Perhaps you may want to refrain from blogging while high. I can't comment on "THE" church but I can elucidate on our Methodist Scout troop, where the beloved reverend scrambled the "wonder years" of the entire troop except for three of us. We always wondered why all the guys acted so dazed, listless and mopey.

  2. What the Catholic Church is full of is cover up.

    Scandal of one sort or another in any Christian religious organization is prolific. There was yet another scandal in the Toledo-Detroit area last year involving three pastors and a pastor's wife. That's just one of many.

    In the Catholic Church, crime in general is legion. Virtually all crimes in the Catholic church involve abuse in various forms. There have been stories (most of which are suppressed) of satanic ritual, ritual rape, and even human sacrifice. How much you believe is up to you.

    There are also fabricated stories, formulated by people who want to cash in.

    So... you do the best you can, but whatever you do, never allow yourself to be alone in the same room with a woman or a child.

  3. Too many churches are businesses, and the most rich, powerful manipulators with a hunger for power. I don't think that's what was explained by Jesus, but Jesus wasn't trying to buy a Lear Jet.

  4. Do you blame the church, OW? Or the pervert? Jack?

    My point is, this is what the media does. Some loon goes on a killing spree in a school, and the next thing you know they are portraying gun club stubfarts on the trap range as being mentally unstable psychos that could snap at any moment. Anyone that wears a red Trump hat or flies the rebel flag is a racist. Anyone that doesn’t buy into the chinkypox scam wants to kill grandma.

    The church did not cover up these activities, certain individuals did. The pervs did what they did in violation of and against church doctrine. They betrayed their churches just as they betrayed their victims. Yet the gay community is openly moving on the kids, and nobody in the press says a word.

    Look at how these things move and evolve too - who’s that mutton New York? Cuomo? It’s like someone flipped a switch on him or something. All of a sudden the media slobs are coming up with spurned women and trollops to accuse him of rape and supposedly he’s been doing it forever... and only now, do these women come forward? Pull my other finger...

    I don’t trust one single word from the mass media anymore. The stuff they are doing today calls all their doings in the past into question too. Pedos and queers dupe people and betray them. Why is it a sin for the church to get suckered, and not the parents?

    1. Since you asked.. yes I blame our church, as subsequent investigation years later following the dramatic mental collapse of one of the victims revealed the church had moved the minister to far flung congregations more than once in response to "irregularities." I agree the media is in a sorry state, but they are always after the fact hyenas, not the hunter/killers. You miss the point that victims of abuse cower and shrivel before power.. that's what enables the abuse to start with. They only stand and speak when empowered by others sometimes years later. And don't think that attentive protective parents can guard against predation, the only reason a few of us escaped the Rev was sharp street sense.

    2. No that is fair, OW. My point is that a couple of pervs covering for each other may or may not reflect on the organization of which they are part. I disagree with dragging the church through the mud and giving the queers and the LGBQT crowd a pass.

      In my church, the elders watch each other and will rebuke each other if necessary. Communities need to police themselves and maybe some churches are falling down in that regard and need to do something about it.

    3. The truth is out there...

      In all honesty, I blame the evil one first and foremost. He hates us and fears The Lord. He'll do whatever he can to destroy belief.

      I'll cheerfully work my way up the ladder through any church hierarchy, starting at the bottom - which is where the trouble begins - all the way to the top. If it's Catholics, it's the Pope.

      Given the problems uncovered in the Catholic church, I'm surprised that people would still attend services. Same thing with the other religious organizations. These people are supposed to be exemplary citizens. They all have faults, but very few.

      All that said, these authority figures are seldom taken to task, and they should be. They are often under pressure from other members of the church, such as elders and deacons. Having served as a confidant to one pastor, I can tell you it ain't easy being a pastor.

      Rambling along, in the case of Roman Catholic priest Gerald Robinson who murdered Sister Margaret Ann Pahl on April 5, 1980, the investigation was turned over to the 'go to' officer for Catholics in Toledo; Deputy Police Chief Ray Vetter. Vetter cut Robinson loose over the protests of investigating detectives, and the entire case vanished until 2003 when Vetter retired and a mystery woman wrote a letter to police claiming she had been molested by Robinson as a child, as part of a satanic ritual.

      For a good read, see Sin, Shame, And Secrets: The Murder of a Nun, the Conviction of a Priest, and Cover-up in the Catholic Church by Toledo journalist David Yonke.

  5.'s simply hypocrisy. Nothing very mysterious. If people knew the truth, the money will slow down. Blessing gay marriages is admitting the they lie.

  6. Follow the money.
    The Catholic church has become a magnet for pedos and homos due to
    priests not being allowed to marry.
    That became policy way back in time when the Vatican realized that the assets of the priests were going to their family after they passed.
    The new policy of unmarried priests took care of that problem.