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Sunday, 7 March 2021

Stubfart Day Spa


Yesterday I woke up and pooped the bed and went out to the club again to fling arrows. It’s been tough because the Chinkypox shut down our indoor club and I could only shoot outdoors. It was a tad chilly for the last month or two so I just decided to wait for those cow farts and warble gloaming to heat things up a bit in the spring.

My arm is just shot from months of inactivity. I ached afterward, and my accuracy was the πŸ’©. I expected it... but it bummed me out nonetheless. But The Missus and the hoople heads came out to cheer me up and put out some coffee. She even built me a fire for me to park my keester by while I drank it. 

It was the perfect fire too. She went tromping into the trees, pulled over a couple dead ones and then broke them up and set them ablaze. A fire built that way burns hot and fast with lots of cheery flame. After I was set up, she grabbed the mutts and took them for a short stroll into the trees. They just cheered right up too. I suppose it was like a coffee/breakfast picnic. 

As she was off playing with the dogs, and I brooded by the fire... I realized I was looking at things the wrong way. I shouldn’t have been bummed out by losing my edge over the winter incarceration; I should be happy and thankful that it is now warm enough to be outside and DO something about it. And a session with coffee AND campfire? Laid out for you without you having to even pick up an axe? How easy it is to take wonderful things for granted...

By the time I stopped day dreaming and wool gathering the fire was down to coals... perfect for cooking on. Maybe next time...? I scooped a bunch snow up and doused the remains.

Welp, the Canada Geese are back, the snow is starting to melt, and the world will be waking up again soon. I hope you have a blessed Sunday today, and that maybe you will have some time to step outside and maybe see the signs of spring through fresh eyes too.



  1. Life is good, and so is the Missus.

  2. The missus knows how to gather wood and start a fire, goes along with you to the range, hikes the dogs - no cause to complain there.

  3. I am convinced that a man with a good woman has everything...

    Thanks for stopping by gents!😊