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Thursday, 11 March 2021

Tard Day Spa: Electro-Therapy


I am having a day here. I can't figure out how the old lady's new vacuum cleaner works, and it's driving me bonkers. There is a picture of a shoe where you are supposed to press down to unlock it... but the fuggin thing doesn't click!!! Now I gotta wait around for a responsible adult to show me how it works.

I figured I would relax with some soothing electrotherapy but Quartermain is running his gob, mewling about electrocution hazards and such. The guy is such a pain! He needs to just shut up and give me the full 120 V... and I want that at 20 A, you niggardly tosspot!!!

Sheesh. Good service is so hard to find...

1 comment:

  1. The shoe; that's where you put your foot hen you pull the handle back to start pushing it around. Is it a Shark? Look for the on-off switch a ways down from the handle, on the backside, facing you; "I" for no brush, "II" to turn the brush on...